Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sneak Peak!

I'm so excited! I have some fun projects to get started on this week. This first picture is off Craigslist, so it's pretty bad. My Honey and I are picking it up this morning. Look at those sweet details! I can hardly wait!

My new favorite furniture for my master bedroom is this empire style. Too bad Honey is insisting I leave the bedroom alone. He keeps saying not everything has to change. Sigh. No empire furniture for me. Yet. :-)

This big guy will be my first attempt at a huge piece of furniture. I can hardly wait! This is one of those pieces where the "before and after" change will be dramatic.

There is so much more in my storage room and in the garage. I have old furniture stacked up like crazy. Some of it i have to kick myself for bringing home. 'Cheap' isn't a good enough reason. I need to keep repeating that. Repeating that. Repeating that.

Have a terrific Thursday!


  1. What a good find, Daena! My sister would definitely love that… She’s fond of collecting little, vintage stuff to display in her room! Anyway, how do you manage keeping more stuff in your storage room? I guess you’re a good organizer, then.

  2. You’re right, Max. Looking at the old cabinets, I can say that Deana really did a good job preserving them in her storage room. Perhaps, the secret is maintaining a clean stock room. =)

  3. Actually, I'm a creative leave-it-where-it-lands type. My husband is the organizer. Together we keep a nice isle in my storage room with stuff piled on either side.

    Have you seen the after pics of each of these? They have all been painted and sold, save one. On that I have to finish putting together the new drawers and I'm ready to paint!.