Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, it's not without a certain charm.

The most bizarre thing happened at an estate sale I went to on Thursday. The house was situated on a very steep hill off of an extremely narrow, one lane road. We all had to park as best we could, avoiding the ditch. 10 minutes after the sale began, the police were out ticketing all the cars for illegal parking.

A herd of people had run into the house; ten minutes later the same herd of people (including me) ran out of the house. 

It was pretty amusing.

However, that is not what I wanted to post about - but maybe someone should do a link party for posts about weird sales.
I know I've some stuff to share.


So. Back to furniture.

My taste is eclectic to say the least. I like things that are so different it's hard to imagine they belong to the same person. I often don't know why I like something I just do and I've always thought there must be some commonality that I don't see on a conscious level. 

As I was contemplating this post and rewriting the drafts I started
to see the pattern ....

Which is good because now I understand why I came home
last week, with .....


I mean, I don't even LIKE mid-century modern. It goes with NOTHING in my house. This thing is a total orphan. There's not even a spot for it. It's in the way! Yet, I had to have it and home with me it came.

It IS kinda cute.

It has a certain charm.

But dreadful knobs.

 However, maybe the pulls can be salvaged.

The cutest little feet EVER!

It has personality.

 It looks like a cartoon character and probably sneaks around in the night.

And the other little tables I love probably sneak around, too ...
My first pet table.
This one auditioned for Sponge Bob.
Can't play outside.
So it's not a table, it's still sneaky.

Well, I guess that's what it is then. The mystery is solved.

I own a mid-century modern table because it looks like a
Wee Little Creature.

Huh. Just like those sneaky architect desk lamps. Maybe Pixar should do a movie with cute little tables as the protagonists.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Well, since I was painting it anyway ........

The rest of the story of my little ladies desk.

I took my little desk home (story here) to repair and ran into the frustration of being no longer able to purchase ASCP around here. So I dealt with that and ended up repainting the entire olive green part of the desk.

And since I was doing that, I decided to paint the top. I'd had 2 customers comment that they liked the tops of furniture painted. So what the heck, I was painting it anyway ...

So then what happened? I needed Annie Sloan CoCo in order to match the desk top to the drawer, especially the little vine thingies.
Well, ain't that just grand?

I wanted to kick a small object, but instead I mixed a little CeCe Caldwell Virginia Chestnut with three craft paint browns and got a pretty good match. And then I got to thinking: I used to exclusively use craft paint. It was great.
It cost $1.29 a bottle. Just sayin'.

As it was:

And how it is now:
The glazing photographs darker than it actually is.

I don't know that I like the top better painted. I like the desk both ways, but now, I have to admit, it has more pizazz.

Mr. Bad Rabbit was able to straighten out the insurance mess, but I tell ya - no one needs that kind of grief!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

My name is Daena and I can't stop buying boxes.

I have a thing for old wooden boxes and I have stacks of them around the house. And this "thing" extends to old trunks, big old trunks, of which I have way too many stacked in the barn. I'm thinking it's time to give these trunks some attention. They can be a lot of fun and I have a lot of ideas rattling around in my head.

Here's some of the raw material waiting for me:

I happened to drive by a yard sale and saw this from the car. I'm using this chest for out-of-season clothes, so who knows when it will get painted. "Never" would be a good guess.

This trunk came from a thrift shop on the Oregon Coast. It's huge and was a real challenge to stuff into the truck. I'm excited about my idea for this trunk. Maybe I'll get to it this summer.

This is one of those "Where in the world did I get that?" tool boxes. Maybe I'll remember some day. Meanwhile it sits by the garage door, all rustic perfection and attitude.

 We brought this bad boy home from Washington state, along with a zillion other rusty things. It has amazing hardware. My plan is to shellac the entire thing and make it an outdoor bench or maybe it'll be The Big Rusty Thing on the Patio. Mr. Bad Rabbit is thrilled. har.

And here are some completed trunks.

The Old Sign Trunk 

I acquired this old wooden trunk from somewhere...... I don't  remember where it came from. (The continuing theme. I don't remember where they came from!) I really took on a lot when I decided to pull off the canvas and restore the wood. I had no clue. No clue at all.

I didn't think I'd ever sell this, I was keeping it for myself. I had 300 years of work into it just removing canvas. But the day came ..... and the trunk now lives in L.A

The Circus Trunk

I have no 'before' shot but I think we've all seen this type of unfinished trunk at the craft stores.

I painted it for myself and it was my Circus Box. Until it was pushed out the door by more furniture. It didn't go to the barn though. The Circus Box is in upstate New York.

The Railroad Trunk 

Again, I have no idea where this box came from. Very frustrating! It was an Ugly Duckling but I saw potential. Or maybe I just saw an old wood box and had to have it.

It became a Railroad Trunk and I want to do more railroad trunks.

I did a simple stencil on the trunk and we used it as an end table until more end tables crowded it out and it was put in the barn.
And sorta forgotten about.

A few weeks ago we brought it up from the barn and put casters on it and we put it in my booth. It was gone in a matter of days.

Railroad trunk #2

So I felt inspired; my railroad idea wasn't a bad one and I did another trunk. This one is totally different, like night and day. Again, I've had the box for a few years and again it sat down in the barn when it got removed from the house. It was in my work room until I realized my
work room wasn't functioning.

But, hey! I remember where I got it! At our yearly entire-town garage sale.

There it is on the bottom. It was bare wood, I painted and glazed it, and put fabric in it. In about 2 minutes I was tired of moving the upper boxes every time I needed fabric. Do people REALLY store things this way?
Buh-bye Stack of Boxes.
(My 22 box is in the garage hoping to be let back into the house.)

The new railroad box.

 Check out the moss. You can tell we live on the north side of a mountain.

 I used inkjet print-outs and good old ModPodge to do the graphics. I think it would have been faster just to hand-paint but I didn't feel like painting a train. Lazy. :-)

Inspiration strikes!
I realized I had no pictures of the back or the right side. When I went to set up my tripod again I happened to notice the reflection .

Be still, my heart. Old mirrors. My new obsession.

 Fun, fun, fun! I think I took 34 pictures in the mirrors.

 I'm loving the patina from my ancient mirror!

Today, after horse chores, I'm going to explore this mirror concept some more. Maybe with one of my rocking horses.

Safety first.
The casters I used had quite a long bolt attached and they protruded into the trunk quite a bit. I was afraid of someone getting scratched so I went to the hardware store to see what my options were. I found packages of door-stop tips. Perfect! They come 4 styles to a pack but there are only 2 each, so I bought 2 packs. They fit over the bolt perfectly. 
I know, I know, the bolts could have been cut. However, we're talking ME here and I don't have a clue how to do that, so door-stop tips it is.

Ready to go to a new home!

Before I go, I have to show you this:
I ran across this quiz this morning. See? I'm a CASUAL collector not a PROBLEM collector. No need for a 12 step program here. No sirree. Bwah ha ha ha.

If you want to take the quiz, it's right here:

No cheating!

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