Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, it's not without a certain charm.

The most bizarre thing happened at an estate sale I went to on Thursday. The house was situated on a very steep hill off of an extremely narrow, one lane road. We all had to park as best we could, avoiding the ditch. 10 minutes after the sale began, the police were out ticketing all the cars for illegal parking.

A herd of people had run into the house; ten minutes later the same herd of people (including me) ran out of the house. 

It was pretty amusing.

However, that is not what I wanted to post about - but maybe someone should do a link party for posts about weird sales.
I know I've some stuff to share.


So. Back to furniture.

My taste is eclectic to say the least. I like things that are so different it's hard to imagine they belong to the same person. I often don't know why I like something I just do and I've always thought there must be some commonality that I don't see on a conscious level. 

As I was contemplating this post and rewriting the drafts I started
to see the pattern ....

Which is good because now I understand why I came home
last week, with .....


I mean, I don't even LIKE mid-century modern. It goes with NOTHING in my house. This thing is a total orphan. There's not even a spot for it. It's in the way! Yet, I had to have it and home with me it came.

It IS kinda cute.

It has a certain charm.

But dreadful knobs.

 However, maybe the pulls can be salvaged.

The cutest little feet EVER!

It has personality.

 It looks like a cartoon character and probably sneaks around in the night.

And the other little tables I love probably sneak around, too ...
My first pet table.
This one auditioned for Sponge Bob.
Can't play outside.
So it's not a table, it's still sneaky.

Well, I guess that's what it is then. The mystery is solved.

I own a mid-century modern table because it looks like a
Wee Little Creature.

Huh. Just like those sneaky architect desk lamps. Maybe Pixar should do a movie with cute little tables as the protagonists.

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  1. As I'm reading this, I keep nodding my head in agreement. We like what we like, whether we know why we like it or not. I tell people that the common thread in the things I bring home and choose to keep is the fact that I LIKE them. Do this long enough and everything will make sense.

    I did a little 2-drawer chest last year that had a little cartoon face on it ... if you looked at it just right and used your imagination. I'm really glad it sold quickly, because I swore that it was always staring at me.

  2. A friend of R2D2? I love it...great bones.

    Did you know in order to comment, one has to type in those nasty squiggly words? I bet you would get more comments without that.

    Love your blog posts.

    1. R2D2 is what I call the sneaky little wood stove in the post. :-) Except, even sitting here looking at it, I expect it to scuttle toward me like a really fast spider. Okay, I creeped myself out.

  3. I think you're on to something there. They are all so adorable and each has a personality all its own.

  4. So funny! I too do not personally want the MCM furniture in my house, as it too goes
    with nothing!! But I'm addicted to finding the pieces to re-do! I don't know what it is. I'm in the LA area and the stuff is pretty hot out here right now. I did a credenza in tangerine that turned out divine! I have two more dressers for sale as we speak.
    That little chest you got with the hairpin legs are quite a score! That could be so cute!
    Have you thought up a color? Something bright and glossy I hope.
    Have fun!!

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  6. It does look somewhat "human" looking - very unique!

  7. You certainly find some unique pieces and I love, love, love your post on wooden trucks. Great job. It is always a delight to visit your blog :) You put a smile on my face, thank you.
    Connie :)

  8. I hope you are able to share some of the "amazing inventions" in future logs. Click here to learn more!!