Friday, June 6, 2014

Primitive tables - as in 'Who the heck would buy one of those?'

I bought them. That's who. 

And, as is my lot in life, I saw all the damage when I got home. Aw, cripes, here we go again. Get out the wood putty, get out the clamps. Find the number 40 sand paper. Then I thought, let's forget all that. Let's just roll with it this one time.

So, here we have 2 chippy tables that I really want to keep (as always) and a chippy table from last summer that I did keep. There are no 'before' photos because I jumped right in and started painting and never thought about it. I've been doing that a lot lately - always in a hurry because of spending 3 days in Portland each week.

The tables and the doors are so vintage that I decided to have some fun and make the images look old as well.

The little cabinet came from a store on Hawthorne in Portland. If you are driving up Hawthorne and see a store with what looks to be all their inventory out on the sidewalk, stop and go in. It's a seriously fun, dark, cramped store that you have to dig around in or you'll miss treasures.

Remember the decluttering photo (here) that showed 5 doors that I had dragged out of the house? Four from the bedroom and one from the hall. Well, guess what? I still had these three doors in my work room. And there's another door in the dining room. Then there are the doors in ..... Bwah ha ha ha. You'll never find them all.

  The red is Primer Red from Annie Sloane.

The small frame on the left is actually the chair back I saved from the trash in southern France.

The primitive kitchen table got the last laugh. When I went to move it, it broke. Somewhere. The legs are now wonky so I'll have to get the glue and clamps after all.

I love my rabbit casserole.
It came from the same estate sale as my pretty tower. My kitchen has slowly been evolving. The walls remain a light taupe but the accessories are changing from bright colors to plain white. I didn't plan it, it just happened organically. I guess I want a soothing atmosphere - which is all part of the extreme decluttering.

It took three coats of Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone to get this chippy goodness. I left it overnight and in the morning I had beautiful cracks and chips.

Here's the chair back before,

 and after. Jury's still out on the 'after.'

On July 1st I'll be moving into a smaller booth at Collector's Market. My old booth was 10 feet and the new one is 6 feet. I feel I won't be so stressed trying to keep up on a booth if it's smaller. It will require less inventory and I think it will be more fun to style. You'll find these tables there, ready for a new home.

I'm keeping the rabbit.

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