Sunday, November 29, 2015

The safari-thing gets a facelift!

I have fallen into a terrible habit of not taking "before" pictures of anything. Not to mention photos of the steps and mistakes on the way to "finished." When something is finished and I'm setting up the tripod, then I think about all the opportunities I had to show the good, bad and ugly.

Next time, I vow. Next time.

This baby was done in a distressed leather finish all over. I could only envision it in a safari style decor.

Isn't the detail pretty? I kick myself because I experimented with crackle on the sides but never took pictures.


The brown leatherette (or whatever) covered the safari-thing inside and out. I left some here because it was a nice accent to the white.

This deck Oops, Safari-thing, has so much shape and the original brown highlighted it beautifully