Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have a bovine

A lovely young woman gifted me with this awesome canvas. I've been wanting one of these farm animal prints for ages, so I was beyond thrilled. One of the reasons I had held back from grabbing a barnyard print off Decor Steals is: I had nowhere to hang it.

But now, armed with cow and iPhone, I set out to find the perfect spot.

Oh look. The door wall again. yawn. This spot is a moot point anyway because the doors are gone. The clock is gone. It's all gone, replaced with .... well, it's a work in progress so I'll post the New Wall at a later date.

So. The cow.

In the kitchen? hmmmm

Maybe by the patio door.

Squished into this spot? Maybe not.

How about her own personal cow-space?

It's open range land around here. You'll find cattle wandering up the road or just standing there, chewing, staring at you. eeek
They are big.

Smart car vs bovine?  shudder.

My cow can be free range; moving from spot to spot until I'm happy. There. Another decision postponed!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Whassup with Facebook?

I didn't want this to be a blog post - it's just me asking for suggestions on what to do to disguise or enhance the broken portion of this stained glass window. Three times I came home with glass pieces and three times they got broke. Did anyone see that movie "The Mexican"? There's a scene where a frustrated Brad Pitt is jumping around punching the air.
I can relate.

Now, Facebook's business page won't let the owners post. There's a lot of cranky people online looking for a solution.

Anyway, any ideas on the broken window? I have a couple ideas but I want to see what inspiration others might have.

Happy Saturday!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014, already in progress!

I've been quiet for almost a month! Actually I wasn't quiet at all, I was growling at the weather that kept me iced in for almost 3 weeks. I tried to write new posts but they always sounded like variations of "Day 11 of My Incarceration." Pathetic.

Mr. Bad scheduled his trips around my appointments so he could give me a ride. The problem was I had worn summer tires on my car and we have a 14.5% grade. His truck has Manly Tires. They look at ice and laugh.

So, I finished my custom orders. I carried things from room to room to see if they worked better. Then I looked around and thought hmmmm. And I painted my Made-In-China-Reproduction-Mora-Clock white. I like it a lot better.

Then New Years Day came and I was able to replace our old, too-soft sectional. Yippee! Finally, all that brown was going out the door.

Take a look:

That's a heck of a lot of brown.

From the above to this in one afternoon:

I've started prettying up the bookcase. It's funny how a photo makes you sit up and take notice. That bookshelf is a mess! It's become jammed with stuff we don't know where else to put. Or are just too lazy to take the extra 10 steps into the office.

I was able to wave 'buh bye" to the huge ottoman and I created a new coffee table with some of my old trunks. Now there is storage galore with the three trunks, a new bench ottoman and a vintage leather suitcase by my chair.

I'm still working on the details, such as which little table goes where, and where do my plants go? Which lamps and where do they go? All that will be PHASE TWO. 

I remembered something I meant to do years ago, which is make a floor lamp from a spot light and wooden tripod. Down to the barn I when for my old tripod and I dug around in my lamp parts box and found a 'stand-in' light. (I know, it's a pretty sad little stand-in).

A friend said my cool old wood stove would make a great end table so I had Mr. Bad wrestle that bad boy into the house. I'll get both the lamp and stove cleaned up before I make a final decision because right now they look like someone should take them back outside quickly.
Here's a closer picture of the side of the stove - the reason I bought it:

I don't know what I'm going to do with it after I take off the rust - paint it? Glaze it? Just put poly on it? Leave it the heck alone? Put it back outside? We'll see.

PHASE TWO has started. More on that later.

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