Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I have a bovine

A lovely young woman gifted me with this awesome canvas. I've been wanting one of these farm animal prints for ages, so I was beyond thrilled. One of the reasons I had held back from grabbing a barnyard print off Decor Steals is: I had nowhere to hang it.

But now, armed with cow and iPhone, I set out to find the perfect spot.

Oh look. The door wall again. yawn. This spot is a moot point anyway because the doors are gone. The clock is gone. It's all gone, replaced with .... well, it's a work in progress so I'll post the New Wall at a later date.

So. The cow.

In the kitchen? hmmmm

Maybe by the patio door.

Squished into this spot? Maybe not.

How about her own personal cow-space?

It's open range land around here. You'll find cattle wandering up the road or just standing there, chewing, staring at you. eeek
They are big.

Smart car vs bovine?  shudder.

My cow can be free range; moving from spot to spot until I'm happy. There. Another decision postponed!

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  1. Cool print. My daughter loves cows but she likes black and white so a couple years ago I painted her a cow head....I would be cool to paint something like this in black and white. I love where you hung it.....

  2. Love the cow...free range is good. I liked it in the kitchen.

    1. I like it in the kitchen too. And in the dining room. And hall. LOL I think I'll get one of the rooster prints then I'll have less choices!

  3. Awesome art, is it a painting or a print? Do you know who the artist is? I love it! It looks good everywhere...hope you are doing well:)

  4. Funny you should ask...... I spent my evening researching the print. It is a print on canvas. The artist is Diana Whitehead. She has a rooster I'd love to have in my kitchen.

  5. Love this cow! It will look great in any of these spaces. Very unique and like the size of it.

  6. I love the way it appears to be looking around a corner near the patio door.

  7. How wonderful that someone gifted that neat cow. My suggestion? Put it somewhere where you will see it every day. It really ups your mood to see something you love when you are just going about your daily routine.
    I have always loved black and white cows-so graphic. In kindergarten, there was a dairy next to our playground. Cows sweetly eating grass for little kids, how nice!