Friday, February 7, 2014

Oh no. Here we go again.

I've always said I like industrial decor but felt my wall to wall carpeting didn't lend itself to that look. So I did painted wood furniture, which I love. Or I wouldn't be here right? That's what I do, I paint wood.

I was never quite satisfied with one wall, no matter how I changed it. I always thought it was too shabby and too whatever. Real life never seemed to match my white vignette photo (above). Ever.

Exhibit A.
The sum of these parts is Too Much.

Exhibit B
Less is more. Now I'm happy. Happyish. I love my white doors and my clock and my red horse and my old cupboard door but putting them all together didn't really excite me.

Then I went to a sale and - be still, my heart - there was an industrial window that I had to have. Or I would die. Seriously. It came home with me and two friends helped me lift and move stuff to make room. Actually, it was more like 'Get. Out. Of. The. Way. We'll do this.'

And then my industrial dreams came true.

It's a work in progress. I'll move things around and try other items. Those little mirrors aren't right. I have some old post office box doors that have never been displayed .....

I'm trying out my crusty old Delco sign. The jury is out.

The handles and patina make my little heart soar.

The buffet mirror was going to be a test but a big molly bolt had to be used, so the mirror stays. At least until I feel like repairing an above-my-reach hole in the dry wall.

The view from the kitchen. I think its the brick that makes the window work and it pulls in the Delco sign. I love that window. Too bad they only had one. And lucky me for seeing it first!


  1. Love this look! I am a bit of confused decorator! I love all styles and it is hard to make them all blend sometimes!

  2. I love the rabbit kicking up his heels! I also must ask if Inspector 19 is back to normal now?

    1. The rabbit makes me smile! He was sold on etsy.

      Bad news for the Inspector. He has large lumps all along his jaw and around the former ear area. There are also lumps on his body. It's as if the surgery freed cancer cells. He's a happy cat, though. He plays with the dog and purrs and purrs.

    2. Oh I am so sorry. I know you will keep him comfortable as the disease progresses Daena.

  3. Lucky, lucky you!! What a wonderful find.

  4. I love that window!!! It is fantastic! Love it in that spot too. I really like the mirror above it. What fun you'll have trying different thing with it...but the window itself needs to stay for sure!