Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Furnture and Horses

Does it seem like the days are only four hours long? I never complete my to-be-done-or-else list. That's the norm for a lot of people, I guess, but when I don't get everything done I'm reminded daily by the furniture piled up in the driveway. I've been working under a canopy out there, except when it's 100°; then I stand in the garage and whimper. Heat is my only excuse. I can't pretend I forgot, as in 'Dresser? What dresser?' when there is a stack of them in the driveway.

The heat has been terrible, not normal at all.. And the air has been full of hideous smoke from all the big wildfires around us. I managed to get a few things done, including another deconstructed horse! But I am far below my usual productivity.

However, here's a quick look at what I did manage to accomplish.

The Hutch Thing
As is typical of me, I bought this hutch/armoire/thing without proper inspection. When I got home I found it was missing two drawers from the inside. For Pete's sake.

I fixed the interior, which I'll show in a future post, and updated the exterior. Now I like it.

The Ornate Table
This is the photo posted on a local online sale site. Seriously, I went to look at this table not realizing how garish it was. You can see the green paint, but in person, yikes. It was metallic mint, with metallic hot pink on the metallic gold. It wobbled and the marble top wasn't attached. But, I was sure it would sell if painted white. 

(I was told that the original owner of this table had her whole house decorated this way.)

Sooooo much quieter.

The Painted Dresser
When I saw this dresser on Craigslist I thought it had appliques but they turned out to be stenciled. As for the rest of it, well .........

Wanna know a secret? I didn't paint it at all. I sanded it down and just left it.

The Rustic Cabinet
I found this cabinet in a garage, buried under lumber and ... stuff. It took three people to get it out.

I forgot to take an 'after' picture so I had to go to the cabinet's new home - an old, 1800s, log cabin. And no, there is no outdoor loo, we had to go outside for photos because the cabin is kinda dark.

The Second  Deconstructed Horse
I found this little horse on etsy. I wanted to see how a small wooden horse would look 'deconstructed' as compared to my bigger one. I'll do another post later on showing the steps.

He looks like a real horse. I carved his face and added a bead eye. Two bead eyes. Two.


I still need to trim his wild, wild tail. On this horse, I left the original rabbit fur mane.

Meet the Mane and Tail Donors


R and R
We managed to get away from it all at Ocean Shores, WA. We stayed at a house with cell service in one corner of the dining room and no internet. YIKES! I had to relax! All I did was sleep and eat so I guess I needed the rest.

It's good to get away from it all.
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