Monday, January 23, 2012

Crabby? Who, me? Why would I be crabby?

Or, The Ugly Truth About Cancer.

I've spent the last month getting transfusions, infusions and those Really Fun Shots in the Belly. For this I've had to drive to town almost everyday, about a 46 mile round trip. The Really Fun Belly Shots cause bone pain and flu-like symptoms resulting in my projects dragging out. By the time I get home from treatment, I'm too pooped to paint.
And I'm bummed.

I mentioned that I was really feeling blue to the P.A. I saw when my doctor was on vacation. He looked at my chart and said there was nothing there that would cause depression.
Really? Dude, I have CANCER! 


That's when I realized that I had become cross and irritable. I gave myself a good talking to, then to cheer myself up I sat down to cruise Craigslist. I found the discontinued Ikea rug DIYers love to paint right there in Medford. I called the girl, said I was on my way, but before I got there she called to say she'd just sold it. I went right back to cross and irritable. To top it off, I continued into town for another Belly Shot after that. On a Sunday!

After my shot I followed up on another ad and bought a dresser, which displaced my new dog, forcing him into the passenger seat. (He's not comfortable there.) He growled at me. Growled. At. Me. Then he huddled up to the passenger door and sulked. Cross and irritable again. 

This is the naughty growling boy.
That is the ugly truth about cancer, people. It can make one grumpy! Impatient even. Crabby! 

But, today I can spend all day painting. That's all I really need. Give me a can of paint and a thing made of wood and I am a happy camper. A day with no needles stuck in me. Ahhhhhhh, perfect. Life is good.


  1. here's wishing you a better day daena. ok, is that doctor for real? think someone needs to shake a little sense into him.

    now, GO AND PAINT and put everything else out of your head.

    you sure your doggie growled? maybe it was indigestion. he's way too cute to growl. :)

  2. That PA should have bit his tongue! Geez Louise! Glad that you were able to get a little glimpse into the process of "doctor training" over at my really is a totally different world!

    Hope you enjoyed your day of painting!!