Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day!

We labored all weekend redoing our master bath. New fixtures, paint (tedious wallpaper removal) and new flooring. yay  It will be done by the end of the week.

While stuff was drying in the bathroom I did this little fun project:

Before: a super outdated, homely jewelry box. I had it in the closet, didn't use it, but I kept it for 40 years because it was a gift.

 The wonders of spray paint! Notice the spindles are gone. The jewelry box looks younger already!

The extra added wonders of ASCP Duck Egg Blue and a bit of glaze.

Add some screen and WOW! Cute jewelry box. It looks like my big hutch had a baby.

Dramatic update. Just to refresh: BEFORE and AFTER:

I'm tempted to list it on etsy..... we'll see. Meanwhile, check out some of the painted pieces at Domestically Speaking's Power of Paint:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Passion and Denial

I'm not going to dwell, but my reality is I deal with cancer day in and day out. HOW I deal with it is what matters. I deal with it with a good attitude and what my doctor calls Functional Denial. What that means is I ignore being sick and just get on with my life. Which is painting furniture and ..... JUNKING!

Having a passion for something enriches anyone's life, but when going through life's less-fun moments, your passion and attitude is what will make or break you. So far I have defied all the doctors' expectations and have left them scratching their heads. My test results say I should be in chemo but the reality is I'm doing great and my doctors have chosen to not treat me until further notice. PASSION, people. And a healthy dose of functional denial. And a strong sense of just get on with it. And garage sales.

And now for the real post about passion:

My crazy passion and obsession - the Union Jack

I can't help it. I have Union Jack sweaters, t shirts, pillows, jewelry and even furniture. Which brings me to my Union Jack dresser. It's everything I love - olive green and the Union Jack, together on a vintage dresser. What else could a girl want?

I saw this dresser on the way to work one morning and skidded to a stop. A garage sale was being set up and my timing was right. I quickly checked the dresser out - dove tail drawers, Basset, cool hardware. MINE! I called my Honey and asked him to pick it up for me.

A few hours later my Honey calls and asks me if I knew the dresser was made of particle board. Say WHAT? That wasn't all. In short it is the crappiest dresser Basset ever made and no way could I ever paint and sell it.

So I painted it for ME. I used my favorite colors and stylized the Union Jack in the manner of Vivienne Westwood or AllSaints (meaning, yes I know the stripes are incorrect) and what I now have is a uniquely me piece of furniture.

I used acrylic paints over an oops-paint white. Then finished the bottom and sides with glaze. Finally the whole dresser was coated with clear wax.

Hail Britannia!

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