Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making it all worthwhile

I have the most wonderful customers! My store on etsy.com has been busy! In the last several days I have shipped the following:

And I sweat bullets hoping A: It arrives safely and B: the customer is happy. Like I said, I have the most wonderful customers! I received emails telling me how much they loved the furniture and one customer said my work makes her happy. Yay! The nice woman who purchased my advertising trunk actually called me to say how much she and her husband love the trunk! Talk about Make My Day! Happy Dance Happy Dance

That's what it's all about - creating things for people to love. Makes me a happy girl.

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  1. thanks for visiting my site & leaving a comment!! now i'm perusing your posts and sittin' here turning green so please help me by telling me (a) how you are promoting your shop on etsy and pulling in the customers and (b) who are you using for shipping????

    LOVE your blog--LOVE LOVE the name & logo! i wish we lived closer cuz i think we'd have some fun hunting trash together!

    oh, and i'm your newest follower!