Thursday, September 29, 2011

My summer workplace

I've already posted about my work room transformation. I love my work room. I'll love it more when it is completed. Whatever.

In the summer I prefer to work outside or in the open garage. I worked at my little kiddie table on my little kiddie chair....UNTIL.
I was at the estate sale of a longtime Jacksonville resident and artist. His studio was a saloon in the 1800s. And look at what i spyed at the back of the yard!

It is a table from the saloon, 150 years old, cut from one slab of tree. It's 12 feet long and has character like crazy! (Read: dry rot). Four antique dealers swarmed and I slapped my "SOLD" sticker on it lickety-split. Mine!

It has one good foot and three in various stages of decay, the aforementioned dry rot and cracks throughout.  Perfect.
We had to get a flatbed trailer to get it home. Here it is early on. We had to raise it a bit so I wasn't banging my knees. And there was a bit of disarray.
I've been working on organization and now know pretty much where everything is and, best of all, I have 3 work stations on one table.
Another fun thing we did for spay paint storage was build a cabinet from fruit crates. I still have to put labels on but for now, here it is open.

And closed. Cool, huh?
Now I need to get off the computer, get out to the garage and finish 3 things!

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  1. jealous of the table. I've turned the cabin into my own personal workspace but someone else is going up next weekend so I must dismantle my set-up this weekend.