Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What to do between Super Bowl commercials

When I got home with this carriage not a word was said, not good, bad or indifferent. Clearly my Honey thought I'd lost my mind. But I had a vision and Google. Google helped me figure out how to proceed and the vision kept me going. The carriage sat for months, then on Super Bowl Sunday I sat and worked on it during the game stopping to watch the commercials.

Just a little ratty, wouldn't you say? And the Killer Attack Spider living in it is a whole separate story.

Good thing the Super Bowl lasts for hours. I sat the whole time reweaving. There are a couple holes I can't fix because the reed or rattan or whatever isn't available in my small town. BUT. It still turned out better than I ever thought!

And now it is doing its intended job of holding my current fabrics where I can see them, and it is looking adorable while doing it. Diving into something without a clue might not be for everybody but it seems to work for me.

I still intend to fix the loose cane at the bottom and the little holes here and there, but eh. Maybe during the Super Bowl.

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