Sunday, September 11, 2011

More passion! Chalk paint and milk paint!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Real Milk Paint are my big paint passions right now. (Until I perfect my own concoction. But that is another story entirely.) When i first tried these paints I had only sample sizes in random colors. I had a table to paint and I decided to use what I had. 

I had no idea what would happen layering milk paint over chalk paint and vise versa. This was before I decided to make my own paint and had that white chair adventure. But for those of you that haven't used the two types of paint together Here are some photos of what to expect.

When layered, the Milk Paint and Chalk Paint craze and crackle on their own. We had a house guest when I painted this and we sat and watched the paint split and crack. He called it "The most amazing process", and it was! There is no way crackle glaze can compete with this.

I sanded just a little bit on some edges but for the most part all the distressing on this table was done without any help from me. When the paint was dry and set I rubbed in some dark wax to accent the crazing. And I love the result.

The finished table is really pretty. The patina is amazing. The colors are rich and old. Speaking of colors, I used Real Milk Paint Tavern Green, Pumpkin and Light Cream with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White, Paris Grey and Duck Egg Blue.

I reluctantly listed the table on etsy. sigh. I can't keep everything. I hope whoever purchases this treasure loves it as much as I do. 

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  1. I pinned a picture of this cute table on Pinterest - my newest internet addiction.

  2. I love that you and a house guest sat and watched it crack, I can just picture that!! haha. Great looking piece, as usual!!

  3. This is adorable! I would never think to do that kind of detail, love it!