Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up and coming

There is a movement to get my Honey a t-shirt that says Poor Michael.

Poor Michael. I was out running an errand when my car suddenly took a sharp right at a garage sale sign. I swear! And that's how I ended up coming home with a clunky prairie style desk and a heavy topless dresser stuffed into my car.

Exhibit A and B:

The dresser was $2. Notice the bin pulls. It has $30 worth of bin pulls. And it was my Honey, not ME, that decided this battered old thing should be restored.

A couple days before I dragged those specimens home, I ran across this treasure on the way to an appointment. A REAL treasure! 1920s waterfall cedar chest with wooden hinges. With some help I got it stuffed into my car.

Exhibit C:

A couple weeks ago I came home with this nifty chest. Wait 'till you see what I have planned for it!

Exhibit D:

There is one more piece - a big FREE prairie dresser. I have a great idea for it. I can hardly wait!

Exhibit E:

So this is what is up and coming in the next several weeks. As soon as the bathroom is done....... meanwhile these big pieces of furniture and more are crammed into the garage. Poor Michael.

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  1. holy lucky you! i want that empire dresser!! can't wait to see what you do with it!!