Monday, January 7, 2013

The three lives of a card catalog.

Once upon a time I dragged home a homely little card catalog because I was desperate to own one. I wanted a card catalog soooo badly but no way could I afford (or find) the big, gorgeous ones. (Of course, soon after, I did find a big one at a rock bottom price.)

I don't have a before picture but it was exactly like the one below but without the knobs. I painted a little table the same mustard color, plopped the card catalog on it and it lived in our office waiting for its 'real' legs. I had a plan, after all.

Not much to look at but it was a bargain!

Finally it got legs and a paint job and it was boring. I painted the legs to match the pulls, why? And the soft green had no spark. But those legs! I worked real hard to get them that awful looking. All my hard work and I'd produced a wallflower.

Then I put it in my booth where it sat all lonely, neglected and overlooked.
Poor card catalog.

 Last week I decided to bring it home and give it a face lift. I was hoping I could get it back to the booth this week, all shiny and new. 

Then a funny thing happened. I thought I'd 'just see' what it would look like ....... So, I shoved some furniture around and rolled the card catalog into place. Hmmmm. Nice pop of color. Maybe I'll leave it there - just for a day or two.

Yeah, right. Insert maniacal laugh here. A couple days. I don't think it's going anywhere any time soon.

It's missing some hardware so I'll have to do some research. First I have to find out what the little round brass thingies that hold the knobs are called. I might also replace the knobs if it isn't too expensive.
Now, since moving furniture has a domino effect, I have to figure out where the displaced trunks I use as end tables will go. yikes

I'm liking the pops of color I'm putting in our mostly neutral great room, the old red and white glider horse and a red industrial shelf. In one corner we have red, in the opposite corner we have green. In the middle is a tan sectional sitting on tan carpet screaming for new throw pillows.

Wandering through it all is me, screaming for hardwood floors. sigh

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The little ladies desk finally gets its turn.

A couple years ago I found this little ladies desk at the local GW and I had to have it. It was lovely but flawed. They had an as-is tag on it but I didn't see anything I couldn't either fix or just live with. So it came home with me.

As it looks now.

As it looked then.

The desk was in the dining room for a couple years. I knew how I wanted to paint it but it had to wait its turn. I was planning on keeping it and everything that is for the booths got painted first.

Plus, I have to confess, this was one of those 'paint or don't paint' pieces I was wrestling with. I couldn't decide.

Having freed up my time by closing a booth, I finally started painting it just before Christmas. The colors are Annie Sloan Olive, Old White and CoCo. The top was left as-is except to treat it with Howard's Feed and Wax. I didn't even sand it.

I'm glad I finally did it. I love it painted!

Love the little side extensions.

The vines were roughly painted after waxing so they would distress easily. I used my old buddy the damp green scour pad for the distressing.

I kept the original hardware.

Oh, I could rave on and on about casters and lately I've seen some of the CUTEST tiny casters ever. And I love the metal claw feet. But I love the casters more.

Be still, my heart. Tiny casters! swoon. But what's up with that hairline scratch?

 Here is the finished table placed in the living room where it will live. It switched places with my green sewing cabinet.

What? You're wondering what happened to the hardwood? 

The hardwood floors are In My Dreams, baby. I use a couple boxes of laminate flooring I got at the ReStore when I want a hardwood surface for photography.

I tried to photograph this desk on the carpeting but the little casters sank out of view. So I had to move furniture and put down my temporary floor. It was worth it. (I can be so lazy at times!) Nothing beats wood for showing off old furniture.

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