Friday, December 21, 2012

Toyland Christmas Vignette

I haven't been on top of it at all when it comes to Christmas decorating. I took all my lights and ornaments to work and decorated my cubicle. And I pretty much left it at that. Then a couple days ago I acquired this old rocking horse glider. I carried it around the house until I decided it needed to go on the card catalog, then one thing led to another thing getting painted red and I had a holiday vignette.  

The horse seems so Christmas-y to me. I can picture some 1950s kid finding their Davy Crockett horse on Christmas morning and squealing with joy. Heck I almost squealed with joy when I got it!

Stage One.

For a few years, when I had no energy but we didn't know I was ill, I was so used up by my job that I didn't put up a tree, I just decorated an appliance. Yep. You read that right. I put lights and ornaments on a box fan, on a floor lamp and ..... hmmmm, a chair ... I don't remember after that. Then, as I got worse I gave up completely and we were lucky to have a single ornament taped to something.

I still have an ornament hanging off our binocular tripod. It's been there for three years, I think.

It has a battery so the little stars blink when it is turned on. Festive!

Toy Story!

 I guess I'm back in the Christmas decorating mood after years of nothing. (I shouldn't say "nothing." We had the little Limoges tree ornament, after all.)

That was then and this is now. We have some holiday festiveness in the house once again!


The little wooden train is from Relique.

And to all, a good night.

Update: Just ran across this photo from the Ashland Daily Tidings showing our little town of Jacksonville as a winter wonderland!

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  1. I love your rabbit in that picture and that is a neat rocking horse.

  2. Who wouldn't squeal at finding that wonderful rocking horse! Love what you did with it. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

  3. Your little rocking horse is adorable, I'd be excited to discover it too:-) Love your awesome card catalog drawers!

  4. Love the rocking horse too, it is so cute.