Friday, December 14, 2012

The Chairs Have it

I guess this is chair week. I have 2 more chairs that are worlds apart ready for new homes.

After the art project chair I decided to finally finish a simple yellow chair with blue ticking. Just a simple kitchen chair .... with a duck.

 And a little bit of texture.

And a duck. 

I'd been meaning to paint 3 duckings on the back like I did with my Chick Chair but never found the time.

I never found time to paint even one duck much less three! Mod Podge to the rescue. I decoupaged the cute little duck on there and went over him with dark wax. Mission accomplished. Now, after months of sitting in our office the yellow chair can go to my booth.

 Before. Ick. REALLY ick.

After. A much cheerier chair! Like a little ray of sunshine.

• • • • • • •

The third chair this week is completely different. This chair was given to me to paint and I was hesitant because of the missing parts. And the warped parts. And the no longer fit together parts. But my client wanted it painted, retaining the original turquoise paint as much as possible. So, paint it I did.

The Kaleidoscope Chair

We're talking a lot of color here.

A whole lotta color.

 And some missing parts.

Again, I used my favorite green scrub pad to distress the paint. I don't care for latex but since that was what the original paint was, I went with it. I used the cute little paint pods from Ace Hardware.


When the paint had cured a couple days I went over the entire chair with Dark Walnut stain twice.

Most of the chair didn't need any more distressing.

Finished, with all its flaws. Two spindles are missing as well as one of the seat supports. And the right leg support won't stay connected for love nor money. None the less it's a happy, cheerful chair, perfect for the gray days ahead.

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  1. I love painted chaired! All three of these are outstanding, but I would have trouble resisting the colorful gypsy chair. Excellent!