Sunday, December 9, 2012

The art project

A friend of mine asked me to paint a chair for her, oh, about 1 1/2 years ago. I think. It was a long time ago, anyway. She said to do what I wanted. Well, this little chair has history and that made it a little more challenging. It is a special chair and I wisely (!) waited until I was inspired.

And then

My friend was given a piece of art done by renowned painter, Eugene Bennet, who lived and painted near here until his death a couple years ago. More history, and I had my inspiration. The painting was done on an old door and I decided to paint the old chair to compliment it.

I didn't take 'before' shots. I'm getting really bad about that again! So here is the finished piece.

Yes, I was running all over chasing the fleeting sun. This is a chair travelog of my farm. Or a new game! Where on the Farm is Shelly's Chair?

 This little chair has awesome texture.

The seat is made of buckskin that my friend has had for years.

The buckskin isn't the right material for a seat like this - it's far too thin and stretchy. So, I lined the back with canvas to give it strength. This chair is strictly decorative but I wanted to be sure.

Reason number one: why this chair is decorative-only.

And reason number two - nails coming through the brittle wood. There are other little injuries on the chair all adding up to Don't Sit Here.

And finally, the chair with the door that inspired it.

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  1. very pretty--love those stripes!

  2. This chair is awesome in many ways...
    But, yes, I'm with Gretchen: I love those stripes...!

    hugs x