Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The little ladies desk finally gets its turn.

A couple years ago I found this little ladies desk at the local GW and I had to have it. It was lovely but flawed. They had an as-is tag on it but I didn't see anything I couldn't either fix or just live with. So it came home with me.

As it looks now.

As it looked then.

The desk was in the dining room for a couple years. I knew how I wanted to paint it but it had to wait its turn. I was planning on keeping it and everything that is for the booths got painted first.

Plus, I have to confess, this was one of those 'paint or don't paint' pieces I was wrestling with. I couldn't decide.

Having freed up my time by closing a booth, I finally started painting it just before Christmas. The colors are Annie Sloan Olive, Old White and CoCo. The top was left as-is except to treat it with Howard's Feed and Wax. I didn't even sand it.

I'm glad I finally did it. I love it painted!

Love the little side extensions.

The vines were roughly painted after waxing so they would distress easily. I used my old buddy the damp green scour pad for the distressing.

I kept the original hardware.

Oh, I could rave on and on about casters and lately I've seen some of the CUTEST tiny casters ever. And I love the metal claw feet. But I love the casters more.

Be still, my heart. Tiny casters! swoon. But what's up with that hairline scratch?

 Here is the finished table placed in the living room where it will live. It switched places with my green sewing cabinet.

What? You're wondering what happened to the hardwood? 

The hardwood floors are In My Dreams, baby. I use a couple boxes of laminate flooring I got at the ReStore when I want a hardwood surface for photography.

I tried to photograph this desk on the carpeting but the little casters sank out of view. So I had to move furniture and put down my temporary floor. It was worth it. (I can be so lazy at times!) Nothing beats wood for showing off old furniture.

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  1. Oh I love the piece and aren't us blogger's coy when it comes to our photography? LOL

  2. I'm really laughing at the hardwood floor! That puts a new twist on the meaning of floating floor. The desk look great in it's new finery!

  3. They just don't make furniture like that anymore. It turned out lovely Daena. Nice job, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  4. Wow, that is such a nice piece. I love the way you painted it. Nice details on the legs. I too am in love with any older piece with casters, especially tiny ones! So nice to have a piece you love so much you will not sell it, haha. I have many of those.

  5. Now that is really how you did the painting.....and love the tiny casters too!!!!

  6. That is a very gorgeous piece! Good work! I love the mat that it sits on very cute!

    Kyra from Chateau Revivals

  7. i like it painted.ang

  8. It looks like the previous commentators may be correctly, That's nice, continue to keep this away I will be looking to get your upcoming weblog! painting antique restoration

  9. OMG- i love the cheater wood flooring idea. You are right- wood flooring really makes a difference in things sometimes. but this piece turned out just great!! stopping by from the rustic pig.

  10. Hi! Saw your piece on Miss Mustardseed - very nice! I wish i could find a piece like there here in NY! I love the colors you chose - and those casters are cool! I have to try some Olive and the Coco (haven't yet).

    I have a project on MMS also - come see and comment! It's called "Making a Realtor's Office Pretty"