Thursday, January 31, 2013

And we'll do it again

I confess that on top of apparently not being able to do crafts, I also mess up painting furniture. Oh, yes I do. I have had my share of re-dos, as have many other bloggers.

This is the latest completed re-do.

This is the original.
My most recent re-do was the red card catalog (here). This week I finished repainting my empire dresser and took it to my booth. I really like how it looks now.

I liked the first rendition until I saw the pictures. That's the thing about photos - everything is sharp and in-your-face and no denying anything. Seeing the entire dresser in a picture made me decide .... uhhhh, hmmmmm. The fade-into-nothing diamonds just weren't working. I wasn't using the right paint for the job and the diamonds were too big. Also, the pewter metallic glaze on the trim pieces was way too subtle. It lacked oomph. That was a couple months ago and I just now finished the re-do.

Ahhhhh, so much better.
I thought the stripes on the side added just the right tailored look for this style of dresser.

I didn't do too much distressing. I simply scraped edges with my cabinet scaping tool. I also rubbed dark wax all over, kinda randomly, to age the finish a bit. I used ASCP graphite, and for the trim I mixed that with black craft paint. The light stripes were painted with a mix of graphite and bright white. The pulls are original.

 I was playing around with props. First a green fan then a black fan. This rug or that rug? Funny how taking pictures of finished pieces of furniture turns my house upside down. There were discarded props everywhere. Furniture shoved out of the way, then shoved again when I had to move my tripod. All to make room for the not-going-to-stay-there-anyway piece of furniture as well as the dragged-from-far-corners surfaces and backgrounds. And work lights clamped all over because I don't have real lights yet.

I found this old door by chance and have plans for it in the house. If that ever happens I'll do a post, meanwhile it works as a background prop and excels.

 The dried hydrangeas were a gift from one of my chemo nurses. Aren't they awesome? The perfectly rusted gym basket came from my neighbor, a picker/salvager with the best stuff! When not being a photo prop they sit in the dining room.

My favorite little prop, an old Arctic fan, which is supposed to go to the booth but never will. An alarm cloth and old tin box complete the propping.

How did I get from re-doing furniture to talking about my props? Sheesh, the mind boggles. :-)

I never even got to my incredible traveling floor. Maybe next time.

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  1. I hope you live long and beat the cancer at it's door! Congrats on the 5 years!

  2. congrats on the 5 years and keep kicking that out the door, not the can down the road...but out the door and off the cliff to never may I say the dresser with the strips on the side I love,so right the diamonds cool but not right tailored stripes perfect she will sell fast or should I say He

  3. 1. I love this dresser's new look. It is beautiful.

    2. I'm standing up and clapping wildly at your 5-year milestone. This is totally, absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

  4. looks fabulous!

    popping over via frenchcountrycottage and hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you and happy weekend.


  5. Love you, honey! Give that fabulous husband a hug for me.


  6. love the chest of drawers new look, and all your props! I have an old fan that I'm suppose to give to my daughter...hmmmm
    so happy you're kicking the big "c" in the butt!

  7. LOve the new look Daena! You did a great job. Thanks so much for linking up at Transformed Tuesday. Hugs,Peggy

  8. Love the stripes, your a brave lady, keep up the great work! Hugs to you.

  9. It's gorgeous ( I'm in the midst of redoing something for the 3rd time lol )
    I love how yours turned out!!!

  10. It's just lovely! Congrats on the 5yr mark! Yay! Keep fighting! Thank you for sharing this at the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  11. Love this dresser. Congratulations to you. I'm a new follower. I would love for you to come join my pillow giveaway at

  12. Daena, you are AMAZING! Truly! I found your blog when I was looking for ideas on Pinterest for my latest project...a dresser that is identical to yours!! And it still has a key! I love the colors you have used and the stripes are killer! Mine needs a good sanding and patching before I can paint it. But enough about my project. I am so impressed by your tenacity and guts! What a wonderful attitude and spirit you have, and energy, apparently! I want you to know you are going on my prayer list. Every time I think of you I will pray for you- for strength and courage and wisdom and energy. I will be following your progress and your terrific blog/projects!! Liz

    1. Well, thanks Liz! Thank you for the nice comment! I'd be honored to be on your prayer list and if you know anyone else who can join in, I'm asking all my friends to pray for more platelets. Mine are dwindling and have to get a major boost if I'm to continue treatment. Thanks a bunch, Daena

    2. Hi Daena!
      I am praying for more platelets right now! I put it on my blackboard so I will remember every day...and, I'm putting you on my church's prayer list so 100+ more will be praying for you every week!! Forgive my ignorance but, platelets have to be donated, right?? Or are you hoping your body will give you more? I am thinking no to the last guess.