Saturday, January 19, 2013

And more decluttering thoughts

I saw the graphic below on Design Milk and thought SIMPLE? Excuse me? Minimalism simple? Then I saw at the bottom an image stating it is more difficult than it looks. Yessirree, that's the decluttering I'm familiar with.
The difficult kind.

I am still carrying things from room to room. There's GOTTA be a spot for it, right? I just didn't see it the first 20 times.

Here's a bit of a before and after:

August, 2011. What you can't see in this shot are the two boxes of firewood carefully cropped out. Why? Cuz they weren't purdy.

And today. It might not look decluttered but it is a better use of space at least. The firewood isn't an eyesore anymore. The orange box has fireplace items in it that used to be out and unsightly. We use the cubbies for eyeglasses, etc. And my favorite acid mirror is on the wall instead of behind a door somewhere. Plus, the old fan works!

It's progress. I took a carload of treasures to my booth yesterday. I doubt I'll miss them.

Meanwhile, the process continues:
My neighbor came up to help me load a desk in my car and took one look around the house and said, "Geez, Daena, you have your work cut out for you before Mr. Bad gets home.' HA! I say. He's gone for another week. It's the company coming in 3 days that's got me under pressure.

But I can do it! There WILL. NOT. BE. two dressers in the living room when they get here. Or drawers lining the hallway. Or a bookcase sitting on a dry sink, a dry sink that has been dragged to the dining room from the bathroom, by the way. The pile of old wooden shoe forms on the floor will be
displayed properly.

Stuff is forever moving.

I can't help it. I wake up and it seems like my brain is Where the Wild Things Are. Thirty-seven crazy things have to be done RIGHT NOW.

But I'll say Ommmmmmm and ponder this graphic.


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  1. I have to pipe up and say I'll never be a minimalist, but have found it's easier to tackle decluttering if you just plan to remove 10 percent when you start. It keeps you from tearing everything apart. honest. try it.