Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ho boy. Sorry Doc.

Yesterday we had an appointment with my oncologist before I had infusion. Same ole, same ole, UNTIL he said 'No heavy lifting. You can't be moving heavy furniture. A bone could snap.' 

The h*ll? I was stunned. Heck, I move heavy furniture all the time. sheesh.

My doctor would have not liked to see what I did the day before .........

My new old card catalog - absolutely STUFFED into my car. Picture a sewing machine cabinet, lamp globes, boxes of odds and ends and the rear car seat also crammed in there. It's a good thing I had left one of the rear seats at home.

Five people shoved it in there, but there were only 2 to get it out. We removed all 60 drawers before attempting to budge the thing.

We finally got to use the massive old wine barrel hand truck I found earlier in the summer. My Honey wheeled it around to the front door. Bricks all the way people. We wrestled it inside where it will sit in the entry way until I change my mind. :-)

I need to clean the stickers off the wood, but that's all. I have to pinch myself - I never thought I'd have one of these.

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