Sunday, October 23, 2011


I get an idea and have to see it through RIGHT NOW. I call it "Being spontaneous". My Honey calls it "Going off half-baked". Whichever it is, it's how I found myself out in the driveway painting a drop cloth. I have been wanting a canvas Union Jack rug for ages but they are crazy expensive - over $200. yikes. I thought I'd make one myself, but there never seemed to be enough room to spread out something like that. So my Ah HA moment was to just run outside and paint some canvas.

I had lots of fabric paint left over from when I was painting denim jackets. I had a drop cloth. Off I went.

Getting started

What I used

Blocking and painting

I crumpled the canvas and sprayed sidways to get some faded "wrinkles."

A few coats of polyurathane and I had my floorcloth.

I am the Olive Union Jack Queen! Or is it the Crazy Union Jack Lady?


  1. So cool, and great tip on wrinkling it up to get some distressing and texture. Thanks for sharing this week at Primp.

  2. Such a cool idea!! Love it, well done!

  3. Super cute idea- love it!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  4. fabulous job!!!! i love the rustic look of it!