Monday, October 31, 2011

The tale of a poor little hopeless table

When I found this little table at a local thrift I was pretty darn happy -
someone had put the first coat of paint on it for me! 

That was short-lived. I started to sand and the paint rolled up into goo. I have heard that
latex paint has to "cure" for a month before it can be sanded.
Fine. I put the table away for a month. 

Then I tried sanding again. And got goo again. Plus, whoever painted this table used the
paint to fill breaks and cracks, instead of repairing the wood.

Argh. I had to use stripper. And guess what?
The paint turned to EIGHT LAYERS OF GOO!

 I've never seen anything like it! It WOULD NOT come off. Seriously, who has time for this?
I got out my friend.

I accidentally set the table on fire and my first Blogger Thought was 'I need to get
a picture!' My second Blogger Thought was 'Don't burn down the garage'. 

I can't even remember how many rounds of stripping and sanding I did after that.
I was not going to let paint get the best of me.

And finally, 37 years later, it was good enough to repaint.

And so I got on with it. ASCP in Paris Grey and Emile did the trick.


  1. Your cute table turned out great. So love the lamb on top. I love you persistence. Great job, thanks for linking to Sunday's Best Party.

  2. oh that is too cute! she sheep is awesome!!

  3. I love how your table turned out. It was a lot of work. Maybe the paint didn't sand off because it wasn't painted correctly. Maybe it needed to be cleaned and sanded before it was painted and so, it never adhered properly.
    Your first blogger thought made me laugh.

  4. Your persistence paid off! Cute table!