Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whoo Hoo! Another month!

Yesterday I had my monthly appointment with my hematologist, and he said I didn't have to have chemo for another month. That makes 6 months without chemo. It's the furniture, I just know it. It's the passion that keeps me going.

So much so that while the doctor wanted to discuss future treatment, I wanted to talk FURNITURE. My Honey got us back on track to treatment. Sheesh. I had the doctor laughing at my misadventures.

So, in short, the next step for me is a clinical trial in Portland. And I immediately thought JUNKING! Hippo Hardware!
And junking!

One of my above mentioned misadventures was having a solid core door fall on me, but luckily (sadly) my empire desk got in the way. Look at the damage! Yikes. Coulda been my head.
But my poor desk!

Today I am doing reconstructive surgery. I'm using some gooey Wood Filler form Elmer's and it seems to be working well. Which is great because I bought it accidentally, thinking it was something else. (Love it when a plan comes together.)



  1. wow, 6 months already Daena. That's awesome!! (You didn't tell the Dr. about the door falling I hope ;) I always wanted to go to Hippo Hardware when I lived there, seems like a cool place to explore.

  2. that's WONDERFUL news Daena. Celebrate the small victories! And I agree. It's the furniture!

  3. Congrats and best wishes for yet another month delay! Clearly your passion trumps cancer!
    God Bless!