Monday, November 28, 2011

The reward for hard work is hard work

I get my booth at the antique mall on Thursday! There is soooo much work left to do. I have to make a sign. I have to make my hang tags. I have to finish painting a couple things. I have to figure out prices for new things.

Since I didn't have a clue how I was going to set up, and I didn't want to stand in front of an empty booth, dumbstruck, I decided to stage my booth in the garage. Using a buffet as the back, I taped off the dimensions and started hauling furniture out there.
 My creative neighbor and her creative daughter came by and helped figure out the best arrangement. Then, after a lot of 'No, put it here' and 'Ewww, let's move that', we got the first rendition of the booth done. Without walls, of course, but still.

This is the hypothetical left side of the booth.

Do you see the new chair?

And the right side. I have lots of antique mirrors to hang, as well as Christmas bling, so the wall won't be the blank spot you see here.

Closer. This is so "before." Before polishing, before ironing, before painting (the vanity).

So, there's your sneak preview. If you are close to Medford, Oregon on Thursday, come see my progress at American Mercantile. I won't make you work. Honest.


  1. good luck, I hope you sell a ton!! You have such wonderful stuff, I am sure you'll do great!

  2. Good luck with the booth. I have been in mine for about 5 months now and it is still very high maintenance. It is a good feeling though. It was tricky trying to figure out how to stage the small things so that they would sell but not cover the big things so they would sell too. Color combos are a big deal too. There is a lady at our shop with the best booth! Not thing big or expensive but the colors are rich and inviting. It is the perfect cluster. Good luck. Can't wait to see it.