Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back from the coast

My Honey, Blu (the dog) and I went to the coast for a few days of 4-wheeling in the dunes and junking. We had a lot of fun and a couple hiccups, just to make it interesting. Well, maybe jack-knifing the truck and trailer wasn't just a hiccup. Whatever. We got over it. Then, way out in the dunes, we realized the fan had punctured the radiator on the Jeep during one of our, uhhh, bumps. YEEHAW! We raced back to where we'd left the truck and trailer with radiator water to spare.

My Honey dropped me off in the antique district of the little town we were staying in and took off to fix the radiator. Well, he had to replace the passenger window crank too, but that wasn't entirely my fault.

Anyway, the point is: Look at what I found! I'm going to start painting this little honey today (after I clean the dust off). I'm also going to teach myself a new technique for repairing plaster. I am sooo excited!

I'm also going to start painting this little Las Vegas cutie-pie. I have to have at least 3 things going at once or I get impatient and do something silly, like start sanding before the paint is dry.

Oh. Right. I know the table is missing a top. I haven't decided what I'll do ...... glass maybe? dunno

Okay, off to my workroom I go! Happy dance happy dance.


  1. That two tiered table is very unusual. Any idea what it's original use was?

  2. LOL, love the traveloque!

    Love your finds Daena. How about wood cut to shape of top, wrapped in leather trimmed with nailheads. That would look very cool and fit for a gentlemen's lounge.....with a tray of drink mixes on top........ok, getting carried away.

    ps- don't miss the shop link up party on the Muse today!