Friday, March 15, 2013

My imaginary mirror wall

 I love old, foxed mirrors. Well, that's only kinda true. I actually obsess over them and want to own them all. At estate sales and thrift shops I grab the wavy, black-speckled mirrors every time. Luckily for me most people regard them as ugly and damaged and not worth having. I've even been asked what in the world I would want "that" for. All I can say is all the more for me. Bwah ha ha ha ha.

I plan to do a 'gallery' wall with my lovely-flawed frameless mirrors once I have enough variety of sizes. Then I'll need a wall and sadly, there's only one available. I just have to finish a faux barn door project to free up the wall space and I'm not able to do that without major help. So, until then my wall is in my imagination and in blogs all over cyber-space. I live vicariously through other people's mirror walls.

 Be still, my heart. I love this and it is my 'go by' for when I actually do my own wall. Ribbons, frames in front of mirrors, foxing on the mirrors ... oh heck, when can I move in?

This is one of my favorite looks.

Easy and pretty. What could be better?

I love this bathroom. This, after I just finished coloring-up my own beige bathroom.  Mirrors make all the difference! And isn't that white fan tower adorable? Looks like a fairly simple DIY.

Come in? Thanks, but I'll just kick back here in the entryway.

Sometimes you just have to mix it up. The reason I like frameless mirrors for gallery walls is they look uncluttered. This wall appeals to me as well because all the elements compliment each other and are monochromatic. I could relax in the tub and look at this wall for hours.

The minute I find 5 matching mirrors this is SO happening on
my new mantel!

This is another project I can see myself doing because it would make a great focal point. I have the perfect mirror for it, too.

I would give up all my mirrors if I could have this Venetian mirror. Well, there are a couple I'd keep, or maybe three. Or four. Ah-hem, I would give up LOTS of my mirrors if I could have this Venetian mirror.

 Venetian mirrors in collages - not as busy as one would expect. They make a more feminine wall than the plain frameless ones. I think Mr. Bad would react the same to a venetian wall as he did when he (mistakenly) thought I was painting the bedroom pink.

Christy of Our Southern Home SC posted the before and after of her wall which illustrates why  I, personally, think coordinating to reduce the chaos factor is important.

 This is her trial layout on the floor. The mismatched frames and red shelves don't have the same inviting feel as a more monochromatic wall.

Christy painted the frames and shelves to match and the look is entirely different! She created a fabulous wall chronicling her children's Santa pictures through the years. And changing that old golf print into a chalkboard was inspired!

Here's my own 'before' wall - on the floor.
Yep, my mirrors are too big or too small for the most part. I need to find some mid-size mirrors that are juuuust right.

Remember  I said I had mirrors I wouldn't give up?
This is my favorite mirror out of the couple dozen I have. I just happened upon it. I was driving through a neighboring town and impulsively followed a yard sale sign. The sale turned out to be at what looked entirely like a meth house. I would have driven on by except there was an old juke box in the yard making me think there was a possibility of other fun stuff. I love my $1 mirror! I'm so glad I stopped.

 I do not advise stopping at scary looking houses when you're alone.
Just sayin.'
Actually, let me rephrase - Just. Don't. Do. it.

In collecting my inspirational images I ran across 2 blogs that are wealths of inspiration and ideas. One is  and the other is Dishfunctional Designs has ideas for windows, doors, shutters, you name it! And Little Blue Deer, well, you just have to go there. It's eye candy for creative types.

You'll love both those sites!

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  2. I adore mirrored walls and your examples are drool-worthy. Hope yours works out as you envision and I can't wait to see it done.

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  4. A wall of mirrors is something I have had in my bedroom for about 11 years. But none as old and beautiful as you have pictured. Just found your blog today, and I, as the poster above me, can not wait to see and read more.
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  9. I love old mirrors too! Love all the inspiration. Thank you for joining us at Transformed Tuesday this week.

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  10. These are wonderful images, that first one just really inspires me to try it!!

  11. I share your old mirror love! Great post and blog! :)

  12. Thanks for the inspiration! This is a great collection. I like having oval mirrors around my house. I just have a thing for mirrors lol. Thanks for sharing your awesome post!