Monday, March 4, 2013

Jelly Cupboard Continued ......

Okay, where were we? If you missed Part 1, it's here.

Day Five where we start getting crazy ideas

Against all odds, we managed to get the cupboard kinda straight. We attached a strap cross-ways down the back and Mr. Bad tightened while I pushed against one side. Then we found and tightened old screws and re-attached the top to hold everything in place.

Whoo Hoo!! It seemed to have worked.

The dark areas along the back corners are the unpainted areas exposed when the cupboard shifted. So it shifted about 3/8". 
I'm not painting the missed parts yet since they are my only way to tell if the cupboard starts to shift back. Well, that and the doors all flying open.
 Let's see what we have in the morning.

Day Six where I hope for the best

 The doors were level! But they kept popping open! I spent all morning fiddling with tightening and untightening screws! Push the door closed ... out it pops. grrrrrr

 I think I see the problem. The door is convex.

 And all the way to the top, too. Can this thing be any MORE warped?

Here you can see that the bottom of the door is smashed against the frame and just above that the door bows out and you can see the white interior. Then I saw that the strapping tape ....

I started to see where my day is going. What's a girl to do?

I amused myself painting stencils. La la la la la. What tape? What? Warped you say? La la la la la

Then I got busy. I moved the hinges out and then put shims between the hinges and the frame.
It worked! I was so optimistic that I put pulls on the doors.

Day 7 where I ignored the cupboard completely.

 I needed a break.

Day 8 la la la la la. Cupboard? There's a cupboard?

Day 9 where I get back to it and finish 'er up.

I'm not used to projects taking this long! I put the second window in and did another wash of green to get the 1930s color I wanted.

 I applied clear and brown wax and after a good buffing it was time to get the camera. For a crusty old thing, it cleaned up pretty good

I didn't age the white shelves because with the cabinet interior being so rustic I was afraid it would look dirty.

 I kept the original, unusual pulls.

Since I dry brushed as well as applying a wash, there was a lot of texture.

The Props

 I found this chunk of door at a salvage yard in Nevada. I added the door knob from my stash.

 This is an old, old coffee can. I have no idea why there are Alice in Wonderland characters on it.

My favorite. He's even on my shower curtain!

Ta Da! Not bad for an old girl, right?

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  1. Daena! You do such a great job. I am glad you had the patience to stick with it because it turned out so well. I absolutely love the straight lines of the piece, too. Lets the paint stand out.

  2. Just fabulous, you did an outstanding job with the the color.

  3. That looks great. Fantastic job.

  4. Awwesome!!! I hope you stand back with pride as you look at it now. The old girl looks great.

  5. I would have given up on the cabinet long ago. But then, I would have missed out on the beauty you turned her into! Well done.

  6. I have done pieces like this that were almost beyond repair to a sane person. But I too kept trudging along wondering why I took this project on like you did only to finish with a great piece. Your color and the overall impact of this piece in the room is just so worth all your efforts.

  7. Wow, looks fantastic! You did a great job. I'm your newest follower ;)

  8. Your cupboard looks fabulous! I read Part 1 and I can't believe all the work you put into this. I love the fact that you never gave up and hung in there to finish it, and it is so worth it! Such a charming piece. New follower, hope you'll stop by for a visit sometime!

  9. A labor of love & it turned out smashing! The finish on it is beautiful & those knobs are darling.It still amazes me how sometimes the projects that drive us to the edge turn out to be the ones that capture our hearts. Truly a beautiful makeover.

  10. You did such a wonderful job! I'm so glad you didn't give up. Lovely piece. And I love the color you chose. Thanks for linking up at Transformed Tuesday.

  11. That's a really great job done..Amazing piece of renovation been done..

  12. Bravo. The finish and patina are so awesome! I hope you did a happy dance when you were done. :)

  13. LOVE IT. The color is gorgeous. GREAT MAKEOVER.

  14. Amazing piece of renovation being done to the cupboard.Looks very lovely..