Friday, March 22, 2013

Can't I just leave anything alone?

Uhhhh. No. No, I can't.

I took inspiration from my own mirror inspiration post and changed the windows in my hall bath again. You know how sometimes you just aren't happy with something? That niggling feeling that you need to rethink it? Or, in my case, that in-your-face feeling that That's Just Wrong? That's how I felt about the checkerboard fabric in my windows. And the teal suede. It wasn't me - I'm not a glue-picture-to-fabric girl. I like to push things a little farther.


Yesterday the windows went from here

To here
Yup. Frames.

And then here
Pulling out all the teal suede gave me an opportunity to refine my skills at finding thumbtacks with stocking feet alone. Pretty soon I'll be ready for competition.

The tops of the windows gave me grief.
First I thought 'found objects hot-glued to wood.' Nah, too rustic. Besides, I didn't have enough little treasures I was willing to hot glue.
So that idea was out.

Tiny mirrors propped in the panes?

(Geez, lighten up with the mirrors all ready!)

I was wishing I could ink jet transfer onto glass but that skill eludes me. BUT! I could print out transparencies instead of the paper images I've been using.

I trimmed the transparencies and affixed them to the glass. I'm liking it so far, there is a subtle 3D effect now.

On the big frames I used MMS Milk Paint over randomly applied bonding agent. I wanted a little bit of control over the chipping. The joke was on me however, I must have skimped on the bonding agent because the paint chipped its little heart out.

The little frames are ASCP.

I ditched hanging the little frames because it was getting too shabby for my aesthetic. I tried it and forgot to take a picture before I ripped them out of there. I went for randomly propping the frames in to see what that looked like. yay! I liked.

Then I spent an hour looking for my double-sided carpet tape. Never did find it so I used some Gorilla Tape I found in the garage. Strange tape, that. But it worked after I figured out its idiosyncrasies.

Is the 3rd time the charm? Will I wake up next week and wonder what I was thinking? Maybe.

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  1. How fun, great where did I put that old shabby window?!

    Jan from The Pink Geranium

  2. Pure genius using transparencies. This has never looked better!

  3. Your windows look great. I never change anything up.... ever. :)