Friday, December 7, 2012

You will be mine, you will be mine, all mine.

I have gone on and on about my love for empire-style furniture, right? On and on. Do I personally own a piece? Why, yes, FINALLY! 

All my painted empire furniture has gone off to other homes. That's because I have done large pieces that I don't have room for.

Enter the Low Boy. I saw this little beast in the dark basement of a consignment shop and paid too much money for it, meaning I couldn't paint it and sell it, except to just break even. No. This one would be mine. MINE!

I thought I would refinish it and paint the trim Old White but in the light of day I saw all the flaws I didn't see in the dark. Yikes. This one would get painted. Eventually. 

Finally, weeks later I was walking by and thought "Hey, I have some free time."  I grabbed paint and went about experimenting with brush stroke and layering technique.

I don't have a 'before' picture but you've seen enough tattered furniture to know what it looked like.

I decided to keep it really rustic. That meant brush strokes going willy-nilly and lots of paint mixing. Followed by lots of sanding. Followed by "Ewww." Followed by more painting. And so on and so on until the end. Or until I tackle it again. Who knows.

The wood was split a couple places but that's character, right?

And whatever happened to this veneer? 
I experimented with different browns and sanding techniques. I have to say, I love water and scotch-brite.

And the same with white paint. Paint sand wax paint sand wax paint sand wax. Repeat.

I have an extremely fragile and broken stained glass window that I've kept but couldn't really use. It now graces the top of the low boy and I really like it there. I'll paint the frame ... eventually. I have a sheet of glass set in over the leaded glass, to keep it safe. I need to get a piece cut for underneath so the window is supported.

Broken. I have to be crazy-careful when I move it.

 My work-in-progress low boy. Mine! 

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What could it be, now?

Some wonderful people have commented that this is an 1800's American Empire Butler's Secretary. The wood is Flaming Mahogany. Who knew? Thanks everyone!

My in-laws were here a few weeks ago and they brought with them this fabulous piece of furniture.

This beauty is big and dramatic. It has gorgeous details. But what is it exactly? I know it's a secretary, but how old? Is it European? British? What kind of wood is that? What is this style called?

Brass insets.

Cool pulls.

More cool pulls. Lions? Panthers?

The feet are huge!

Tin mirrors! I'd never heard of tin mirrors.


And finally, a writing surface inside the top drawer.
Cool, huh?
I've googled but didn't find anything that looked like this. Anyone know what it is?

Am I going to paint it? Nope. This big boy is way too fabulous. I have no idea what I'll do with it. Mr. Bad wants to keep it but I have another piece of furniture waiting for this spot. (Empire dresser, be still my heart.)

Decisions. Decisions.