Friday, August 10, 2012

To sell or not to sell

That's a hard decision when you've just finished a project you dearly love and you WANT TO KEEP IT. Of recent projects, I've kept my sewing table and my little pet table. And this, which I've never posted before.

This is my Tuffet. 

I love my tuffet. However, no one uses it but the cat. It was originally one of three pieces that I did for myself. I eventually sold the benches on etsy but it never was my plan to part with the tuffet.

Talking about it is the first step, right?
Maybe it's time to let go ........

Oh, I don't know .... I really like my tuffet.

Mr. Bad was appalled when I grabbed the original ottoman at our local fire station benefit yard sale. Appalled. This was back when he used to ask "What are you planning on doing with that piece of cr*p?" It was in pretty bad shape, actually. I think Mr. Bad thought mice lived in it. Now-a-days he doesn't bother to even ask. He knows I think I know what I'm doing. :-) The most he'll say now is "How do you plan to get that home?" Which sometimes is a very good question!

I made my tuffet before I knew what a blog was so I didn't take before pictures. Below is all I have to show you of that original ottoman. I had kept the old fabric and legs, so I dressed my new tuffet up in its old clothes so you could get the idea. It wasn't purdy.

But it was nothing new fabric, trim and legs couldn't fix!

Before and after. 

Oh, confession time. I recently refinished and upholstered this chair and GUESS WHAT?
I want to keep it!

Cool fabric, huh?
The chair is sitting in the tuffet's old spot and the tuffet is smack dab in the middle of the livingroom, still sitting where I photographed it.

Maybe I'll carry my tuffet around the house
and find a new spot for it.


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  1. I think anything you love that much and gives you joy you should keep. Many times I buy things for my shop and fall in love, keep for a while or longer, and may later sell. You always have the option to keep, but once you sell its gone! It is very cute and pretty as all your work is! Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  2. I would paint it - AND then regret it - when in doubt..............leave it alone!!!
    I keep a lot of my things - luckily I get bored quickly so the house is constantly changing - I keep what I like until I'm ready to let go

  3. Wow, your tuffet is right up there with the best of Mackenzie Childs. Well done! You have a keen eye for color and design. Love it.

  4. If you are interested in selling the tuffet...let me know. i love it and am interested! I live in Florida - I'm sure UPS could handle the shipping!

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