Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can't Touch This.

I was thrilled to bits to find this buffet on Craigslist. Gorgeous! And a good price, too. Then ..... my father-in-law (Mr. Really Bad) told me he'd disown me if I painted it.

Now, he and I are kindred souls and I have to admit I was already hesitant to paint such a lovely creature. But I'm in the business of painting and selling furniture, right? What was I going to do with a buffet I couldn't paint? Sell it as is? Well, yeah. Except I fell in love before the Craigslist ad hit the atmosphere.

Can't Touch This

And so it goes. The buffet joins a couple other things in the house that I can't bring myself to paint. And then there are the 'untouchables' in the barn. I have an antique cigar humidor cabinet that some people (not Mr. Really Bad) have got their shorts in a twist over. Okay! Okay! I'm not painting it!   yet

Would you paint this?
Nice dead plant. Good staging.

How 'bout this?

I'm also having trouble deciding to paint this chippy dresser. And, I want to keep it. That whole problem again! Sheesh!

Ahhhh well. The garage and barn are over-stuffed with things I can paint .... but I have to be in the mood to paint something. Right? I have a thorn-in-my-side out on my garage work table that just gets uglier the more I force myself to work on it. It was okaaay but not great when I decided to repaint it. Now it looks like Morticia Adams painted it. With help from Thing. It's The Vanity of Doom.

I have some cute little tables I can work on. I'll do that.
They're just outside.


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  1. I love all these pieces. And, like you, I wouldn't be able to decide about painting them. They are all so pretty as is, but Im sure they'd be gorgeous painted too. Hmmmm???

  2. ooh i don't think i could paint it.... it's gorgeous! what a fabulous piece. i would love the look painted of course, but my head tells me it wouldn't be right.

  3. I feel ya, I really don't mind painting furniture that has seen a better day, and needs major repair - but when pieces are beautiful like this one, well it would, just not be right. I do love some dark furniture, and this is one piece I do. Boy don't paint that cigar humidor either - gorgeous! who's your 3 friends that stopped by? Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  4. I am torn about these pieces because I love them as is but I can imagine them painted too so it is a terrible fight we have with ourselves isn't it? If the wood needs a refresher, I use Restor-A-Finish(found at the local Home Depot) and it makes the wood look totally new. If the buffet needs some spring in its step, I'd try this. Not that it does, just an FYI.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi on my mirror project. Have a great weekend!

  5. I know what you mean... When I see a piece like that I have to just walk away. It's to much temptation for me to have it & not paint it. I admire your will power. Dee from My Painted Stuff

  6. Some furniture pretty much begs for paint. Some doesn't. I admit that I think this piece is gorgeous as is!