Wednesday, August 22, 2012

rustic chic

I had a client give me a table to do "whatever I felt like" with. Normally I would ask for more direction because I most certainly would "feel" different than she, when all was said and painted. However this table was rustic and bent and even had a prosthetic foot. (How cute is that?) What was not to love about this table?
It was like The Little Table That Could. A survivor.

Here it is now.

And before.

I looked it over to see what repairs could be done but the table top was too warped for me to be able to tighten anything up. So it got to stay really rustic.

As far as painting style I try to always go with what the furniture demands. Oh sure, sometimes I screw up and stand back from a piece thinking, "Okay, isn't that just hideous?"
And then I repaint it, eventually, when I'm not
sick of looking at it.

But I digress from my rustic little project.
I added wood filler to the cute little prosthetic foot. That was the only repair.

I painted the table top Graphite.
Most awesome texture!

I dry brushed the body of the table Annie Sloan French Linen and Old White with a dab here and there of Paris Grey. Then finished with clear and dark wax. This table was perfect for dark wax, all that texture to highlight!

I came very close to offering to buy this little guy from my client. I just love it. I love furniture with a story to tell.

Speaking of which, I recently acquired a set of rustic furniture from Clark Gable and Carol Lombard's 1930's Big Bear cabin. Let's talk rustic. Let's talk stories to tell!

It will be a monumental task to restore and reupholster this furniture. Stay tuned. It could happen in our lifetime.

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  1. well this is hilarious - my eyes must be getting really bad - I thought that was a bed - a fancy schmancy bed LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful table though! God you're good!

  2. that is awesome- what a fabulous table!!!

  3. found you at Cassie's POWW, love this makeover. especially the white highlights. just so sweet
    cheers Fiona

  4. What a great little table! You paid so much attention to detail, I just love it! Hopped over from FFF and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy @

  5. That is one really cute table! You worked some magic there!

  6. LOVE how that little table turned out!!

  7. Now that turned out great. Love it.

  8. I think you had a vision on this table...all the different colors work so well together!
    It's lovely!

  9. There you go again, making something lacking into something beautiful. It really turned out great! Love the detail and how it pops out. You fingers have magic in them. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  10. how exciting! the table looks awesome! great work by Rustic Furniture .

  11. I think your client will be very much amazed about what you did with this table, my friend. He can totally make good use of this as it is looking fine now. It’s a little sad that it has been taken away from you, though. On the brighter side, there are still so many unused furniture that you can refurbish and turn into something as amazing as this.

    Gerry Bossier

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  13. I just love how you remodeled it and made it look really simple and sophisticated. The small curves and intricate details made this rustic furniture really special. This is a beautiful table and it will make the house extra chic.