Monday, October 7, 2013

Time warp

It seems like I haven't posted anything in ages but my last post was only a week ago. Maybe it feels like longer because so much is going on
around here.

I enrolled in an online art class because I have soooo much extra time to kill. What was I thinking? I must be nuts. And the class isn't easy. They expect me to own and operate a jigsaw! Bwah ha ha ha ha. As if.

I've also started tutoring a young man in a page design software and he absolutely made my day when he first got here. He complimented me on how I've decorated the house. He hasn't been here in years, he's been off at art school so he missed the transformation. Later on he blew me away when he told me I was his role model. Me? Wow.

Because it feels like I haven't painted anything in ages I revved up my paint sprayer yesterday. I haven't used it much. Actually, the only time I used it was when it was new and having made the unfortunate decision to paint three tables Baby-Poop-Yellow, I kinda lost my momentum. And while baby poop might have its own charm, people just don't want that color in their living room. What possessed me? I think it was the only latex paint I had in quantity at the time. And it was practically free. (The tables are now being painted red. Black glaze. We shall never speak of the yellow again.)

Oops. Boo boo.
So, I revved up the paint sprayer and went nuts with Antique White on these matching what-evers. For a millisecond I felt bad about covering the floral painting.

Before I go any further I want to say that yes, my spray room is in the barn. That's a tractor in the upper right corner. And I took all these photos with my phone so any quality issues should be directed to Apple.
The first coat. Already i love them.

I  grabbed a nightstand and old ironing board......

And since I was on a roll, I revisited a table I'd abandoned a year ago.

Today when it warms up I'll do a second coat on everything then ponder the possibilities as far as a topcoat. And I might layer on some American Paint Rushmore. Then I'll glaze everything. I've been using wax exclusively for a while now so a little change is due.

And I'll be looking around to see what else would look good in white.

In other news:
Inspector 19 got the staples taken out of his head. But he still needs to have eye lubrication put in his right eye several times a day. Fortunately for us the Inspector doesn't mind because he is not a cat to be messed with. The vet practically comes into the room with a lion-tamer whip. Ever since she scruffed him and shot a pill down his throat he's been looking for some pay-back.


  1. Green with envy over your 'paint studio'..what kind of paint sprayer do you use?

    1. I use the Rocler lvhp spray system. It's easy and affordable - plus they put it on sale often.

  2. So glad he got the staples out and is on the mend.