Wednesday, October 9, 2013

anyone know anything about this suitcase?

I found this suitcase at an estate sale and I was confident that a quick google search would give me some background on it. Either I'm asking the wrong questions or there isn't another one of these online for Google to find.

So? Anyone?

The airplane is embossed on both sides. I don't have measurements but it is a large size suitcase. 

It's a propeller airplane which makes me think 30s or so.

My plan is to make it into a table somehow, but I don't want to ruin it if it's the only one in existence and used to belong to Clark Gable.

(There's more to the Clark Gable story but that will have to wait for another time.)

So? Ideas?


  1. Maybe it belonged to DB Cooper? LOL!
    I actually just googled my fingers off and found a similar one on ebay with an embossed dragon that was apparently brought back in WWII.
    Maybe the soldiers had them custom made?
    Good luck!


  2. Have you thought of sending a picture to this company?

    Hope they can help.

    Judi in the UK

  3. Maybe it belonged to a pilot? Seems like an interesting history, might lay behind it!

  4. I'd check with Hartman or other fine luggage makers. Hartman makes excellent leather luggage and might know something.