Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a small project

I have no idea why I dragged one of these home with me other than I saw one on a blog that had been made to look adorable. But, where that blogger dove in and recreated her end table, my dislike for this style furniture wouldn't let me get close enough to poke it with a stick.

This end table ended up buried beneath everything else at the back of my storage room. So when I had exhausted all options in finding a base for my paint display I remembered waaayyy back behind dressers and desks and a few more dressers and desks and a table and some chairs and under the wall-mounted saddle stands was an end table......

It didn't even warrant a decent before shot.

But one never knows, does one?

It would work in my hour of need. All I had to do was take off the top tier, take the legs off and move them around so the front decorative legs were now on the wide side. Glue, clamp, fill holes, paint. Just a small project.

And it turned out well. I didn't sand because the table seemed so far from smooth but it sure chipped like crazy! Guess it had a smoother finish that I thought.
 I enjoy watching the random chipping spread. Call me crazy ......

 Big chipping happening here.


This is my favorite kind of chipping. It looks so natural.

I had measured and measured again obsessively so I knew this table would work.

 And it does. This probably won't be the permanent display - it will get too small fast when my next order of paint arrives. And then I have some other tricks up my sleeve.

(Disclaimer: Don't just plop pieces of furniture on top of each other. Be sure to use the appropriate hardware to safely secure everything.)

In other news, Inspector 19's tumor thing was indeed cancer. The vet believes she got everything out so there will be no more worries. I have to make an appointment for the staples to come out and then we wait for the fur to grow back. What a trooper the good Inspector has been.

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  1. many hugs for you and Inspector 19. Love this little table. What will you do with it once you need something bigger?

  2. Thank you for the update on Inspector 19! Glad the surgery was successful with clean margins. Could hardly believe his pictures. Little Frankencat.

    How did you do the joke of the tire tread over his body? Great visual.

    1. He was fast asleep under my car tire and I snapped a picture. I found tire tracks online and added them to the image using photoshop.

  3. Glad Inspector 19 is doing good. Love the table cupboard piece!

  4. Glad that Inspector 19 is good to go! Yay! Creative use of a table!