Friday, September 13, 2013

The new kid on the block - white wax.

Before I got sick this is what I had lined up as the next project. Just a nice bookshelf, perfect to display paint in.

Then I fell asleep for about a week so nothing was painted, vacuumed or put in the dishwasher. Funny how when you're sick none of that matters one bit. When I was awake I concentrated on the important task of searching the web for a black and olive wide-striped sweater. Natural fiber. Under $100. I had no luck.

Ah well, since I feel better, it's back to furniture for me.

I finally got to try the white wax from Miss Mustard Seed. It gives the paint a very pretty soft, marbled look. Sometimes dark wax is simply too heavy and that's when white wax can step in.

And of course I was using milk paint so I got fabulous chipping, too.

This bookshelf matches the stereo cabinet (below) I did a couple weeks ago.

 I looove my stereo cabinet.

I even used the same vintage wallpaper on the shelves. (The combination of the wallpaper and Dried Lavender milk paint is my new favorite.) And, this bookcase is replacing the stereo cabinet that has been temporarily displaying paint. Yahoo, I get to bring it home!

I read somewhere that it looks like dessert and I have to say, that's exactly right. I've had whipped desserts that didn't look nearly
as yummy as this wax.

Now I'm working on a base to attach the bookcase both for more space and for added height. 

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  1. I work in clinical research and I'm so sorry that we are lagging behind. Your spirit is marvelous and your attitude great. Yes cancer sucks but I love your fighting spirit. Prayers from me.

    1. Thank you so much! Today my labs showed why I feel so awful and tomorrow I have to get transfused - 2 units. Eight hours in the hospital when I had other plans. :-)

  2. Well bummer that it interferes with your other plans. But just think how much better you will feel after the transfusion!

  3. You dear sweet talented girl my hope is in you getting stronger and the joy comes back into your life.I am a fan of your work and love reading your funny and enlightening posts. Katie

  4. Haha! Well this dessert wax sure looks beautiful on your furniture! I will have to try some (on furniture that is not to eat :). So glad I stopped by!

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