Monday, August 26, 2013

Presto chango

When I brought this stereo cabinet home Mr. Bad Rabbit didn't say a word. He just kinda disappeared into the house. He later told me that he couldn't see how I could make anything out of it. He thought it was just one more thing stuffed into the garage.

To my eye it's obvious what I saw in this cabinet; the grille, the trim and those gorgeous legs. The legs had me.  'Come with me, my pretty.'

I knew I wanted to paint it with one of the new MMS Milk Paint colors, Dried Lavender. And I knew I wanted the inside to be white. Other than that, distressing, choosing knobs etc. was up in the air.

 It's the right color for this piece, is it not?

As you can see, the inside didn't end up being all white. I have some vintage wallpaper rolls and one of the patterns seemed perfect. It's a dusty pink with teeny paisleys. It met with Mr. Bad's approval. Surprise! (Mr. Bad is now this cabinet's biggest fan.)

Ahhhh, those cute knobs!

I remembered seeing these knobs at a local shop and was thrilled that they still had a few.

Everything came together for me on this piece. That is so often not the case, believe me. I even got the perfect chippiness.

The cabinet is greater than the sum of its parts.

And finally, the glamour shot.

Temporarily, the cabinet has found work displaying Milk Paint, but as soon as I have a replacement ready it's coming home with me.