Friday, August 9, 2013

The (changing) fan dresser

This is the Fan Dresser. NO. IT'S NOT. It doesn't look like that now. I really didn't plan on working on this dresser yet but things change. The Heart Dresser sold in a heartbeat (har har) and its replacement sold before I got it out of the house. I still had a dresser sized space in my booth that needed filling. So, we have Fan Dresser, and it's going to the booth this weekend.

Can you see the cracks in the photos above and below?
 This dresser had some weird issues. First there was the dreaded red bleed-through. I got out the shellac and covered the entire dresser. I used a mix of paints, heavy on the chalk paint, so I was sorta dumb-struck when these cracks started appearing as the paint dried.

Now, I've had boo-boos of every kind and I don't sweat it too much anymore. I just decided to make the cracks part of the plan. Aged and distressed, right? But I did Google for an explaination just so I'd know. Apparently the shellac wasn't 100% dry and the fast drying paint pulled it apart. Sounds like crackling medium doesn't it? Hmmmm.

This is a quiet dresser. It doesn't have a lot of detail and doesn't call attention to itself. EXACTLY. Precisely why it got changed. I did a wash of CoCo over some (most) trim and the ball feet and some distressing. Easy, since the cracks did a majority of the work.

 There are 4 of these cute feet - not two cute feet in front and two plain legs in back.

 I wanted a tone-on-tone look so I mixed my paint to be slightly darker than the pulls. Then, of course, the antiquing wax made it darker still. (Then, of course, I made it darker still.)

 A selection from my ever-growing hand mirror collection. My bedroom is starting to look like a hand mirror habitat.

The quiet dresser. (HA!) It will be in my booth tomorrow.

So I was sitting in my chair just kinda blankly looking at the dresser and I thought, that's really boring. So I went back to work. Everyone's done that, right?

Here's the new version of the fan dresser:

 I darkened the trim and roughly distressed it.

There. I feel better now. Still quiet, but not so much that you'd hear
a pin drop.

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