Friday, August 30, 2013

Milk Paint on metal

I just love it when something works straight out of the box, as they say, where I'm not grousing under my breath as I sand a piece back to where it was and start over. Ah yes. There it is, the thrill of experimentation which all too often is the agony of defeat.

I saw a question posted on facebook asking if anyone had tried milk paint on metal. I didn't click through so I have no idea how many people have already tried and succeeded. Anyway, I had two newly acquired stools and a bag each of Ironstone and Lucketts Green Milk Paint. So there I stood rubbing my chin thinking 'hmmmm....' and I dove in.

This stool was just metal and rust. I didn't do any prep work. No bonding agent or wax. I just painted right on to the bare metal.

Some rust bled through the paint (yay!) and I rubbed some paint off here and there and that was it. When it was dry I sprayed poly on it and was done.

Whereupon I started eyeballing the other stool.

Again, it was just plain metal. I slapped some Mustard Seed yellow here and there and did the same with the green. Rust peeked through and some paint chipped off leaving stool perfection.

My only regret is using a gloss spray poly on the white stool but I can rough it up some. When I get around to it. IF I get around it.

I took the green stool out to my car then turned around and brought it back inside. Maybe it will go to the booth at some later date. Or not. The white stool is a definite keeper.

I've been looking for an industrial stool like this for a long, long time and I'm loving it in MMS Milk Paint Ironstone.

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  1. luv luv luv Rust and Wear! I have been an Annie Sloan ZOMBIe BUT I recently placed my first Milk Paint order!! The blinders are OFF I tell ya'! ;}
    Can't wait!

  2. Love it. They look like they were always supposed to be this way.

  3. They're both beautiful, especially the green one.

  4. I LOVE these! Don't you love the gratification that comes with experiments that succeed? The stools turned out beautifully..I'd keep them both.

  5. I just found this post by Googling painting with milk paint on metal, and I also see you are an Oregon girl! :) I'm going to attempt my first milk paint on metal project this afternoon, so I'm glad to see this post. Thank you so much. Very helpful!

  6. I cut the thread long so it wouldn't pull through as I moved around the stool. I actually did that after I pulled my first stitches out and was done cussing. Demir Leather