Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thinking about a White Room

The sun came out while I was organizing stuff to take to the antique mall today and I was inspired to take some pictures. I took advantage of the non-rain to stage a white display to see if I had enough stuff. HAhahahahaha. Enough stuff. What a riot.
This is about a third of the white stuff.

Acid mirror! 
I love making these and I've learned some tricks along the way to get different looks. The acid mirrors are super fast sellers for me. I have a HUGE mirror, about 3 1/2' x 5', and I have big, intimidating plans for it. Stay tuned!

Last week I heard about a decor store called Real Deals. Am I the last person to know of this chain? It was impressive but really, really trendy. However, I found this bird cage to go in the cast iron hanger I've had a while. Not a perfect fit but I made it work.
Can someone tell me why these stores are only open Thursday and Saturday? Does that seem strange to anyone else?

Yummy tarnished teapot. 

I read the poem recently and had to make a sign.

Could it be? Is it really? The Bad Rabbit?

Pictures all taken, I loaded my car and headed for town. I left Bad Rabbit at home. He's not for sale.

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The Union Jack and RABBITS ..... NOW we're talkin'!

This morning I was rubbing a transfer that was going horribly wrong and my eyes wandered over to some ribbon..... Well, I thought, this transfer is making me cross, so how 'bout ditching it and having some fun?

I've been meaning to make Union Jack pillows for over a year. I have 3 fronts sewn but I haven't gotten around to attaching the backs. I have pillow forms waiting in the wings .... I'll get to it. Eventually. As soon as I put my sewing machine back into its freshly painted cabinet.

But today I grabbed my ribbon and a blank tote that's been hanging around and tried out a No-Sew approach.
FUN! I made a girly tote. Next, a typography tote and the third will be .... hmmm. Guess we'll wait and see.


Bunnies and French script ribbon! Awesome.

And, on to etsy it will go!