Thursday, May 10, 2012

If I Only Had A .......


Yesterday I wasted what the lawyers call "unbillable time" looking for the shelf to the desk I was painting. I have yet to find the bolt that holds my sewing machine to the cabinet. I know it's someplace safe and logical. There's a Blue Tooth somewhere. Don't know where, but it's there.

The other day I took some trim to my neighbor to cut for me. I ran back into the house because I forgot the measurements. I ran back into the house because I forgot my phone. Which had been in my hand when I went back for the measurements. Another amount of unbillable time later I gave up on the phone and went to get my trim pieces cut.

Later my neighbor gave me 5 minutes to get home then called me so I could follow the ringing to my phone. Oh, THERE it is. sheesh. One of the drawbacks of not having a land-line is not being able to summon your cell phone.

Have you seen these maps?

I was inspired to create my own version for all of us who are dealing with the side effects of chemo.

As if having cancer wasn't pain-in-the-neck enough.

Just sayin'.

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