Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thinking about a White Room

The sun came out while I was organizing stuff to take to the antique mall today and I was inspired to take some pictures. I took advantage of the non-rain to stage a white display to see if I had enough stuff. HAhahahahaha. Enough stuff. What a riot.
This is about a third of the white stuff.

Acid mirror! 
I love making these and I've learned some tricks along the way to get different looks. The acid mirrors are super fast sellers for me. I have a HUGE mirror, about 3 1/2' x 5', and I have big, intimidating plans for it. Stay tuned!

Last week I heard about a decor store called Real Deals. Am I the last person to know of this chain? It was impressive but really, really trendy. However, I found this bird cage to go in the cast iron hanger I've had a while. Not a perfect fit but I made it work.
Can someone tell me why these stores are only open Thursday and Saturday? Does that seem strange to anyone else?

Yummy tarnished teapot. 

I read the poem recently and had to make a sign.

Could it be? Is it really? The Bad Rabbit?

Pictures all taken, I loaded my car and headed for town. I left Bad Rabbit at home. He's not for sale.

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  1. Ooh, lots of good stuff ready to go to your space. Love the cute signs and that rabbit is adorable..


  2. BAD RABBIT is perfect!!!just awesome.

  3. love the rabbit!! We have real deals here, i don't like the hours either.

    you're stuff looks great, will you be taking a photo of your booth?

  4. I found you through primitive and proper, and just had to stop by when I saw part of that poem. My Mom's father used to say that to her, she said it to me when I was little, and now I say it to my daughter. My daughter has gorgeous curly hair, and is quite devious so it suits her quite well! Thanks for sharing!

  5. whoa! you scared me for a minute... I thought you were selling bad rabbit! whew!
    everything looks great, I sure hope your sale was a success!
    my friend Rose shops real deals (we don't have them) She's in ny (syracuse area?) She's never said anything about them only being open two days a week, that's crazy!

  6. Daena,

    Have you seen grandinroad's newest catalog. If not, you should. I think they've been haunting your blog and stealing your ideas.


  7. Oi, you sure have some great find. Love the acid mirror. I hope your sale was successful, and you raked in mucho dollar. I also was scared that you were selling bad rabbit, so glad you left it home. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration over at Sunday's Best!