Saturday, August 9, 2014

You have to start somewhere - a new hobby

Ever since I first laid eyes on the little hopping needle-felt bunny that I put on the bottom of a few of my posts, I have wanted to learn needle-felting.

I am in LOVE with this bunny!

I thought it would be complicated and require taking a class, that is until I saw some how-to books. Then I saw a kit at the fabric store. Whoo Hoo, my little mind said, Now we're talkin'!

I picked the hedgehog kit and headed home to get started. First: take the wool and make a smooth egg-shaped body. Roll roll roll, stab stab stab OUCH stab stab OUCH stab DAMMIT! stab stab OUCH!

My smooth egg was actually looking more like a brain. stab stab stab. And I really didn't want a hedgehog, I wanted a rabbit. stab stab stab. So I veered off-course and made a smaller brain ball for the head. stab stab stab. Now I had a snowman.

Then the one and only needle broke. grrrrrrrrr

I drove to Medford, to the only yarn shop. Oh? Out of needles? You don't say. I have to drive to Ashland? Really? grrrrrrrrr

In Ashland the ladies at the yarn store were really helpful. I learned about making wire forms as a base. I also learned about wadding up wool and tying it up in panty hose, then machine washing and drying it. The result is nice felt balls without the finger stabbing. I picked up another kit, this one with 4 'real' needles, decent THICK foam and helpful tips. YAY for tips! I left loaded with wool and a brand new plan.

Above are two foam pads: the left is from the yarn store kit and the right is from the hedgehog kit. Is it no wonder I stabbed myself repeatedly? What were they thinking with that tiny piece of foam?

Before I go on I want to say this is NOT a tutorial. This is just one of my misadventures from which you might learn from my mistakes.

Stage One. The brain-snowman becomes a very roughed-in rabbit but his ears are too short.

Oh look. A kangaroo rat.

A kangaroo rat with mumps.

Bunny butt! Oh. Sorry.

Stage Two. I started adding body parts and lengthened the ears.

Good lord. Now the ears are too long.

The rabbit is looking a little creepy but I think he's getting there. And, I have an idea of how to finish off the paws but I'm going to google it first. I think botched paws would be hard to fix.

Stay tuned for Part Three in which the bunny is completed. Meanwhile I leave you with bunny-bum.

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  1. Oh how cute! It looks like you are a pro already! Enjoy your new hobby!

  2. Cute bunny bum. That bunny at the end of your posts is adorable.

  3. I tried this so be careful it is addicting. Like you I started with a kit, the dog one. Just when I was going good the needle broke, hubbie had to run get me more needles. OH MY the dog was a giant when it was finished. siGH. So I tried again this time without the kit, much better. Their are some really good tutorials on you tube, and if you check online the wool prices are much better. Good luck with your new hobby, bunny is looking good.

  4. I ADORE him!!! Good work even with those injured fingers!

  5. awesome bunny!!! I love your posts. Thanks for sharing your creativity process.

  6. I have my supplies but haven't attempted felting yet...I am loving your trial and error! LOL I'm staying tuned...

  7. Wow! Sounds like your yarn store ladies really were amazingly helpful. I have a collection of felt roving that I can't seem to part with despite the fact that I haven't touched it in years. Your super-cute bunny may have inspired me to pick it back up. Here's hoping that bunny comes together just the way you want. Good luck!