Friday, August 22, 2014

I know! Let's dive into this before doing any research!

I've skipped over a dozen posts on other blogs regarding how to paint laminate. It didn't apply to me at that moment and I didn't plan on buying laminated furniture.

Then lo and behold! At an estate sale this french style furniture was set out and soooo reasonably priced that I just had to buy it. Missing pulls didn't matter. One leg falling off the dresser barely registered. It was cheap!

But look! Laminate. Only after I sanded the sides a little too much did I go to my laptop and take a little look at the How To's. I didn't know the sides of the furniture were essentially covered with wallpaper. You can see above where I sanded down to white. Oops. I fixed it and used No-Sand to finish deglossing.

Those slippery tops took a little more ooomph, as in Palm Sander, but I got it done.

 There is potencial here. I pictured the set in a pretty gray with white trim.

The yellow faux finish looked so tired.

A fresh coat of gray changes everything. I mixed CeCe Caldwell's Beckley Coal with American Paint's Home Plate to get the gray. The white trim is American Paint Navaho White. The pulls were sprayed with a 20-year-old can of mystery gray blue. See? Sometimes it does pay to keep everything!

A very little dark wax to bring out the detail .....

A graphic on the top ......

A couple more graphics ....

And I was done.

Here's a peek at prepping for my first show. More on this later!

Someone will love this set, right?

UPDATE: Both pieces sold on the first day of the show!

 Inspector 22 had a big day!


Argh Matey! I am a pirate with a lace eye-patch and I am BAD! Har!

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  1. They turned out beautiful. I like working on this kind of furniture because they rarely have issues.

  2. Inspector 22 is adorable! Furniture looks awesome.

  3. Lovely outcome. I love your inspector too. You did a beautiful job.

  4. Beautiful! I love the graphics you added, such a nice touch.