Friday, July 18, 2014

Chaos theory

I blame the Super Moon. I mean really, if a normal full moon can cause your meek cubicle partner to become a werewolf and devour the citizens, then I can blame the Super Moon for chaos.

Simple things .....

I was helping my friend Sioux move some furniture from a thrift store, then she was riding with me when I delivered a custom order table.

I had giant furniture jammed into my car and Sioux had giant furniture stuffed into hers. Off we went, then uh oh. Sioux realized she's made a mistake buying both pieces.

Back we went. 

Just as workers came to unload for us, my phone rang. It was the Clinical Trial coordinator from OSHU. I had to take the call.

Me to phone: What appointment?
Sioux to worker: That goes in the other car and that goes back into the store. Don't hurt the table.
Worker: I can pull that out and probably not hurt the table.
Me to phone: Sorry. What?
Sioux: Daena, where do you ..... oops, never mind.
Me to phone: I can't drive to Portland alone. 
Sioux to worker: NO! That one goes in the other car. THAT car! Over there!
Me to phone: Huh? Oh. No, I haven't mailed it yet.
Sioux to me: How do you want ..... oh, sorry sorry sorry
Worker: I can put the table in the passenger seat.
Me to phone: On the 28th. Got it. No, really, I got it.
Me, getting into car: #$!&**#@!!!

I was in my spray booth spray painting a huge bird cage before I had to run to treatment, not thinking about anything else. Until, uh oh.

I had been standing in red over-spray forever and now I had red gummy hair, red arms, red legs, really red feet and a nice mask shape on my face. Seriously, red enamel is the hardest to get off but
a shower and cheap shampoo took care of most of it.

I ran off to treatment with pink skin and slightly purple hair.

My nephew brought his new family for a visit, which was totaly fun and hilarious. However, we have limited space so there were people stacked in the livingroom sleeping. Not wanting to wake the baby I would sneak through to get outside and work. 
Tippy-toeing through the kitchen: BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM
Whispering to dog and kittens: STOP IT! GET OVER HERE NOW! C'MON, HERE KITTY KITTY KITTY!

We had kitty-proofed the house but baby-proofing is a whole new level of challenge. I now have huge plants teetering in high places. We realized everything in our house is sharp. Or is aspiring to be sharp. 

I was finally called in for a much needed blood transfusion. It had been postponed and cancelled soooo many times because I have developed anti-bodies in my blood and was now unmatchable and no one wanted to be the one to approve a 'high-risk' transfusion. So, FINALLY! 8:00 a.m.and I am ready!

Except, they cancelled it. I was in the chair, port accessed and it was a no-go.

The nurse went to work, calling and badgering everyone. Floor doctor, pathologist, my doctor, triage nurses....

I sat in my chair staring at Craigslist.
Me to nurse: There's an estate sale just up the road. I could go and come back when you call me. 
Nurse: Give it 10 more minutes
Me, ten minutes later: There are actually a couple estate sales near here. Antiques, furniture, donuts. I really should go and come back when you're ready.
Nurse: It can't be long now.
Me: I'll call my doctor if you want. He knows how I get about estate sales. 
Nurse; He's on vacation
Me, one hour later: There's an estate sale here with shotguns. 
Nurse: Well, that alone won't help us.
Me: Says they have ammo too.
FOUR hours later. Someone signed off on a transfusion! Glory be! 

Don't shoot! He's my donor!
Sheesh, like I need more to go wrong.

We finally went to get the bed!!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. And we left the dog at home. And the kittens.
You saw the picture, right?

Chaos, trying to unload and reload a car in 100° plus heat. We filled our hats with water and dumped them on our heads.

Then there was the incident with Sioux and the hose and Holly's husband and well, forget it.

Worth every second!!

 Be still, my heart!

The wonderful folks with the bed gave me the cutest table and a vanity that I have big plans for.


 Here, I see two night tables and a trunk. Do you see it?

Ahhhh, simple pleasures.


The REAL cause of chaos around here!

And the capper? This is the second time I wrote this post. Somehow I totally deleted it and couldn't get it back. So, after a couple days grumbling under my breath, I sat down this morning and rewrote it.

Go me.

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  1. Love the finds....esp that bed. Great job.

  2. Oh, yeah. GREAT bed and love the table, too. :)

  3. Love your humor and can picture the loading/unloading in 100 degrees (I live in TX!!). Can't wait to see how all those pieces turn out!
    ps - we have an Element sure comes in handy for Estate Sales, doesn't it? ;)

    1. I love my Element!! I took the back seats out and now it's my little cargo van. I can't picture having a different car.

  4. Goodness you have a lot on your plate! I hope you feel better. Love the bed!!!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

    1. I'm feeling the pinch for time, that's for sure! And it IS a great bed, isn't it? I haven't decided what to do with it yet ......

  5. I am in AWE of your strength and stamina! Love that little table and yes, I can see the suitcase (stinking cute) and 2 end tables. However, stop blaming those little cuties, that is not nice...:-) Besides, I can tell, you love, love, love the chaos they bring. There isn't much that is cuter than kittens, is there? I want that table, love the carving. Gosh, how awful that they didn't let you go to the sale, but I would have hesitated when you started talking about guns and ammo. I wish I lived closer, you are a HOOT!

    1. If we lived closer we'd be broke from never-ending garage sales! You can borrow the kitties any time you want to work with a couple cats hanging off you.

  6. Your comment space hates me every time I try to leave a note!

  7. Sp I am going to do it again-lol! LOVE the bed and the little table and the two precious kittens!

    NO LOVE at all for people who kept you waiting in the chair when there were estate sales to peruse!!

    Hope you are feeling better and that you are taking care of yourself in this heat. It's really been getting this transplanted Alaska down - anything over 75 usually does!

    1. I will never be hostage to a messed up treatment again. I shall get up and march on out and go to an estate sale. sheesh.

  8. I hope this year is a great one for you & your family. More estate sales + playing with kittens, & less medical treatment delays & cancellations. You inspire with all with your schedule! Whew!