Friday, March 2, 2012

The Rural Life

I love living in the country. The quiet, the beauty and the critters all make me happy. The drawback? I've been snowed in since Tuesday night. Mr. Bad Rabbit was on a business trip so I was toughing it out alone. It really wasn't all that bad. The worst was lugging firewood through the snow.

My other problem was our electric gate froze shut. I was stuck even if I dared try to drive down our road, which I wouldn't because I've crashed twice in the past even before getting to the gate. Beyond the gate the road gets stupid steep, with deep drop-offs. It scares people even in the summer.

And my oral chemo couldn't be delivered because UPS claimed 'circumstances beyond their control.' I didn't think that truck was going to make it up here anyway. The driver would have been crazy to try. I'll pick it up at the UPS facility today. I hope.

When the snow let up a bit my neighbors made it down the hill to the mailboxes. They brought me the mail and put it just inside the gate. I got my exercise huffing up and down the hill to the gate, that's for sure!

Today is beautiful. The valley below is snow-free but we still have plenty up here. I am crossing my fingers I can make it down the mountain safely today. I'm supposed to be moving into a second booth at the antique mall, plus I have a doctor appointment. Ho boy. I'll be white-knuckling it until I reach bare pavement.

Here's what my world looked like this morning.

The snow is off the trees and cross my fingers, will be off the gravel road, before I have to head into town. I'm not looking forward to loading furniture in the snow, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Right?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. So beautiful. All I've got is one big siiiigh....

  2. Incredibly beautiful! What a view...but driving? Yikes! I'm a chicken about driving on icy/snowing hills! Heating with wood is a lot of work but so nice to sit by the wood stove...sending you healing thoughts!

  3. Your piece of the world is gorgeous!! The fog in the valley is beautiful. You have good neighbors.

  4. Hi Daena!

    Your pics are beautiful! No snow in Ohio right now. We've had a really mild winter here... so watch out! I'll probably hit in April!

    Have a great weekend! Hugs, Sherry

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